Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Many stories are coming out of the UK right now so shy of pick and choose I thought I would just post all of them here now and I'll add to them as they come in.

Close encounters of the Toblerone kind
UFOs spotted in Kingstanding and Black Country, MoD files reveal
Chelsea's extraterrestrial fans
The Scottish X-Files are revealed
UFO close encounters laid bare as ‘X-Files’ released by records office
Wakefield: UFO drawing revealed
Police officer 'saw UFO over Chelsea's Stamford Bridge'
UFO 'sightings' revealed in archive files from 1990s
Strange sightings and close encounters
The Toblerone that came from outer space, and other UFO sightings
Winston Churchill Acted Over Alien Invasion
UFOS: Close Encounters of the Weird Kind
Government files reveal new UFO sightings
Revealed: Probe ordered into UFOs coming for Michael Howard...
Cop spots UFO over Chelsea Football Club
There's a UFO over Michael Howard's house...
MoD files reveal UFO sightings
UFO sightings revealed at MP's home
Churchill demanded UFO briefing: secret files
Churchill UFO request revealed
Scottish alien encounters detailed in newly released files
Churchill demanded UFO briefing: secret files

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