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Dozens Of Sightings Reported Since June Bucks county residents have snapped pictures of what they believe are UFOs.

There have been dozens of sightings recently in the suburban Philadelphia county, and Fox 29's Gerald Kolpan found neighbors aren't afraid to talk about it.

So far, nobody has reported taking a ride in any unidentified flying objects. But people who never believed in them before say they've sighted them, literally, in their own backyards.

Kolpan reported that, back when he was a kid, it seemed people spotted UFOs every few minutes and there was something of a panic over them. Most of that panic has subsided, but people still see them -- especially people in Bucks County.

"The first time I've ever seen it was above this yellow townhouse," said Denise, who believes she was a UFO witness.

Denise -- who said she has never believed in little green men and didn't want her last name used for fear of weirdoes -- has seen UFOs over her backyard five times since April.

"It was kind of like oval shaped and it was about the size of a car, a small car, and it had three giant headlights on the bottom of it," she said.

Since June 25 between Bucks and Philadelphia, 44 such bogeys have been spied.

How do we know? Well, people like Denise have pictures.

"Between the malls to my right and Don Pablo's is right here there's been V-shaped objects," said Bob Gardner, a field investigator for MUFON -- the Mutual UFO Network.

He says the sightings over Bucks are legion, in regular old neighborhoods, right over the Oxford Valley Mall and above the site of the now-shuttered Don Pablo's restaurant.

"With the universe that vast, it's like Columbus discovered America, these aliens or extraterrestrials are trying to discover new worlds," Gardner said.

Of course, none of this explains the mystery of why the Don Pablo's closed down. But maybe the aliens are like everyone else and love Mexican food and they abducted the kitchen staff.

Source: Fox TV Philadelphia

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This is a lecture that is performed by "Andromedan Extraterrestrial" contactee known as Mr. Alexander Collier. The lecture was held at the Exopolitics Earth Transformation meeting in Hawaii.

Mr. Collier tells us about his hiatus for 6 years and his now continued contacts with the Andromedan Humans.

Use your own judgement on the criteria discussed within this lecture. Personally, I believe only my own personal experiences and everything else simply sits in the back of my mind as a possibility and never in that filing cabinet called truth.

Andromedan ET Contactee Alexander Collier (1)

Andromedan ET Contactee Alexander Collier (2)

Andromedan ET Contactee Alexander Collier (3)

Andromedan ET Contactee Alexander Collier (4)

Andromedan ET Contactee Alexander Collier (5)

Andromedan ET Contactee Alexander Collier (6)

Andromedan ET Contactee Alexander Collier (7)

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