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This video was recorded from the direct satellite live downlink.

Orbs fly on television screen during NASA transmission


1947 Roswell UFO crash site: Foster Ranch owner's grandson (Cody Derek) talks about relatives' experience in an Interview with Jake Reason.

I am the great grandson of HS Foster, the owner of the Foster Ranch.

My great grandfather and his twin brother JB(Jap) Foster owned the ranch. They owned large ranches in NM, Midland, and Kent TX(Davis Mountains area). I never knew about the role that my family played in this historic event until a few years ago after watching a story about it on television.

My papa passed away two years ago and within the last year and half I became very interested in it again. This time I went and talked to my uncle (my grandfather's brother in law). He was very open about it and told me he was about 17 when it happened while working for my great grandfather in Texas. He says he remembers speaking to Mac Brazel and the other ranch hands about it when they helped work a bunch of cattle later. I asked him point blank if it was a UFO. He said, "Those boys up there told me they were certain without doubt that what they saw was a flying saucer." I then asked him if they saw any bodies in the wreckage. He replied," uh...uh, I don't know...I can't remember." Then he told me, "that is all I remember about that." I let it go, out of respect.

I never visited the site. It was sold about 18 years before I was born. I have been to the ranch that my grandfather owned until the late 80's in New Mexico. I don't have anything interesting to say about the visits other than anytime we(my grandfather and I) would go out there we never stayed the night in New Mexico. We would always drive back to Texas.

I have one more person I have yet to talk to about the ranch. My great father's twin brother still has a daughter that is alive. I have only met her once at my grandfather's funeral. I am going to call her after the holidays and see if she was ever told anything about the Roswell incident.

I have never personally seen a UFO, I think. I have seen some strange lights during my time in Kosovo in '99-'00, but that could have been anything with all the military ops being preformed during that time. My dad did say that he had an encounter with a UFO in New Mexico once. He said it was late at night on the way home from the New Mexico ranch, and that they were they the only ones on the interstate that he could see, on a long flat stretch of road. He said all of a sudden there were these strange lights about 100 yards ahead of them in the opposite lane of travel going the same direction as they were, and the lights were only about 10-15 feet off the road surface. He said the lights stayed ahead of them for about 4 or 5 miles, and when they sped up to look, the lights sped up as well. He said they saw some headlights coming over a hill and then the strange lights just took off into the air at an incredible rate of speed.

Documentary from Channel 4 shown in 1994 about the infamous ‘UFO Crash’ at Roswell in 1947