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On August 27, 2008, The Discovery Channel will air a new episode of Mythbusters entitled “NASA Moon Landing”. This episode was created to challenge the wild but persistent urban legend that NASA never really landed humans on the moon in the 1960s and 70s.

MythBusters is an American pop science television program on the Discovery Channel. It stars special effects experts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, who use their expertise to test the validity of various rumors and urban legends.

Hyneman and Savage often use their extensive engineering and construction expertise to construct complex devices with which to perform experiments. The tests are usually a two-step process. First, an attempt is made to recreate the myth to determine if the circumstances, as described, achieve the alleged outcome. If that fails, they attempt to expand the parameters as much as necessary - often to absurd lengths - until the desired results are duplicated. There are some myths and urban legends the MythBusters refuse to test. Paranormal concepts, such as aliens or ghosts, are not addressed because they cannot be tested by scientific methods. The program also avoids experiments that cannot be tested safely, such as whether a wet poodle could be dried in a microwave oven.

This special episode was first announced on NASA TV in February of 2008. To film the episode, Adam, Jamie, and the rest of the Mythbusters cast chose to visit the Marshall Space Flight Center in Alabama. A team of Marshall scientists helped the Mythbusters with several of their tests.

Proponents of the Apollo Moon Landing hoax conspiracy theories insist that NASA and the US Government intentionally deceived the public by fabricating the manned moon landings. Although exact details from the episode are mum, NASA has reported that the Mythbusters’ tests included a feather, a weight, a lunar soil boot print, and a flag in a vacuum.

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Apollo moon landing hoax debunkers point out that in the first instance, the moon walks happened during the lunar day and therefore the stars were obscured by the sun's light. In the second instance the American flag that was raised on each of the Apollo landing sites were stiffened by wires, which caused the seeming "swaying in the breeze effect."

Also, the Japanese lunar orbit probe Kaguya recently imaged the burn marks of the Apollo 15 lunar module descent engine at the Apollo 15 landing site. Special effects artists who worked on films like Apollo 13 and TV series like From Earth to the Moon have suggested that the technology just wasn't available to fake the moon landings in the 1960s.

The whole idea of an Apollo moon landing hoax is just an insult to the men and women who made the moon landings possible. People, like the crew of Apollo1, died to make the moon landings happen. Others, engineers and scientists whose names will never be known, sacrificed long hours and suffered ruined marriages and wrecked health so that men could walk on the Moon. The idea that it was all faked seems like a way to try to cheapen all that work and sacrifice.

It is doubtful that despite this debunking or what the Mythbusters team concludes that Apollo moon landing hoax conspiracy theorists will be swayed. Conspiracy theories are not generally about evidence, but rather the desire for fame and the paranoid style of history, to paraphrase Richard Hofstadter.

I'm sure you know what I think already but which one do you think it will it be?

I would like to add that I doubt any moon hoaxer was old enough or even born when we landed and walked on the moon. Had they been of age, they would have known that the moon walk was not hoaxed. The event was just too grand.

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