Wednesday, August 13, 2008

HOW TO BUILD A PHONE TO THE DEAD - for only 25 bucks

UFO Media Matters

By Joseph Capp

As many of you know I am a writer for the UFO cause but I love the paranormal especially to, especially ghost hunting. Most of my scientific friends believe that there is something to it and I agree.

When I read about “Franks Phone to the Dead” I was intrigued so we got the specifications and gave them to another who was supposed to build a phone for us as well as himself to use on ghost investigations. While we were waiting, I came across the UFO Geek where this gracious person took time out to show us how to build a very affordable “Franks Phone to the Dead”

Building the phone is simply done by modifying a Radio Shack Digital AM/FM Pocket Radio, which only costs $25.00

It was rather easy to do by just unscrewing the case and (clipping the “Mute” pin). What you do next is press and hold for the button for just a second until it starts sweeping and then you let go. It will continually sweep the band, whichever band you’re on. You can also use it as a radio by not holding down this key and instead pressing it quickly to the next station. For easy instructions, visit this address here, which has easy to understand picture instructions.
Phone to the dead Instructions

From what I understand, it is a very popular radio at Radio Shack and the model number is RS-12-469. A picture of it is shown below.

Photo courtesy of UFO Geek

What I’ve done is hook it up to a digital recorder and asked question by cable through the mike connector. With this method I could be walking in a hot spot and ask questions right into recorder and listen for the answer. Then listen also later.
I really like the UFO Geek website. He doesn’t like the over commercialization and how people are charging us an arm and leg in order to demonstrate these products so Frank wanted it out there on the web for everyone, according to the story. So if I can help this is the way I’ll help.

By the way, I did get one hit while briefly using it. I have recorded but I don’t want to put it out there because of the “want to believe factor” always present in any testing things of this nature.

My friends and I will be experimenting more on this and I hope others do too.

Joseph Capp
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204 - June Alien Casebook articles on one page

198 - July Alien Casebook articles on one page

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