Saturday, August 30, 2008


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The person behind the extremely well intentioned, "The Disclosure Project" Steven Greer has always been followed by his fair share of controversy, I as still surprised to see Greer pop up when I recently happened across a repeat of an old program from the "National Geographic Explorer" series; the episode in question was aired in 1994 and was titled, "Searching for Extraterrestrials".

It was fairly tame and really just the usual Seth Shostak fodder, i.e. 'SETI vs The ETH' with the former smugly portraying believers of the latter as cranks, weirdos, etc.

But, that wasn't what caught my attention. What did catch my attention was a younger (but strangely older looking) Greer taking a small group of people out into the Californian desert with the following voice over:

"No telescopes, no computers, the tool is telepathy The goal? A very close encounter."

Then Greer went on to elaborate on how to set the landing/flashlights out in the event of a 'Close approach,' of course this was a good 6-7 yaers before the infamous disclosure project video was shot but I still for some reason found it somewhat alarming.

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