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American psychiatrist, Professor at the Harvard University School of Medicine and Pulitzer Prize winner, Dr. John E. Mack's Documentary 'Experiencers' features various people who have had experiences with extraterrestrial intelligence through abductions and contacts. Dr. John Mack has done enormous amount of work in the field of ETs and psychology.

This set of videos I feel is the most valuable evidence in regard to alien abduction. You will meet real people as they tell their stories.

Experiencers - Part 1

Experiencers - Part 2

Experiencers - Part 3

Experiencers - Part 4

Experiencers - Part 5

Remember what you view here in video #5 because aliens can most certainly induce sleep paralysis. I believe it is their greatest tool used for abduction. What better stealth then to mimic something that medical science already had a name for.

When you've lost your faith in what you believed you saw was an alien spacecraft, come back here to this very page to renew that faith you had, because it was what it was. - Atrueoriginall

Below is a screen shot I took from the UFO sighting from video #4 at the lake.

User Image
Now here is something that most all abductees can relate to. The lighting on a spacecraft is very similar to this. I remember everything being a tawny beige, white and a light blue such as this but the light in the room didn't seem to come from anywhere. It was just there. Even the narrowness of the hallway has meaning. The length is improper though. It was very eerie to me when I first saw this photo. And no, there was no plant life.

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Wikipedia on Dr. John Mack
John Mack Institute
New York Times - Dr. John Mack killed by a drunk driver

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Unknown said...

I am shocked that there are no comments on this outstanding documentary. It is so obvious that the individuals interviewed are telling the absolute truth regarding what they have experienced!

Unknown said...

Well, I have much to discuss, but I will wait for a response.

Tammy Lee Tracksell

Atrueoriginall said...

Yea, pretty crazy isn't it that nobody posts.

It may be because its a video page and not a text page so probably they don't a)think to do it or b)don't know what to say to an abductee about what they just saw.

Great documentary though, wasn't it? I consider it the creme de la creme of evidence in regard to alien abduction.

Anonymous said...

Great documentary. Im also searching for answers myself coz while I was probably aged 12 or 13 yrs, I had this regular experiences of being paralyze. It's always the same,
1.You hear voices..lots of ppl talking.
2.Machine running - the sound.
Then it gets louder and louder!!
3. Scare like shit.. I try to move to get away? This is where it gets so strange ..I thought I have moved but at the same I desperately open your eyes, my body is still there!!motionless!!
Several times, while sleeping next to my mom or my dad, I tried as hard as I could to even just touch their fingers to alert just impossible, even if they are just 'mm' away. Anyway, its real!!!

Anonymous said...

There is much to discuss about the subject. There are other forms of life that need to be taken into consideration, forms of live that can be mistaken by Aliens. I will not denied the existence of Aliens but there are other forms of life that can do the same and there are not humans.I called them entity.

Anonymous said...

I have always suspected we are not alone but only recently decided we there are alot of aliens. My question would be why cant we use an abductee to set up some kind of trap to capture or kill them to show to the world they exist? Ted S.

Emperor said...

Very Interesting. Anyone familiar with the disclosure project? Apparently 54 varieties of Aliens.

Anonymous said...

Like this man said in one of the videos. That every star we see can have at least 1 habitual planet. There are millions of stars millions of possible planets to have life. There could be many many types of life forms. I have been resecreching "aliens" for some time now and it's always the same. I know everything people could say that happens. I want to experience it. But that's like impossible.

Atrueoriginall said...

As crazy as it may sound now, someday, everyone will experience them and they will do so - all at the same time.

L. Cassese said...

I live on the Lake and it was a real windy night out. I went to bed and the next thing I knew I heard this really loud humming machine like noise and when I opened my eyes everything was blurry like I was coming thru a tunnel. I remember being really afraid because my eyes were open and I could not focus and hearing a womans voice saying please don't be afraid and a mans voice to my left telling me just close my eyes and everything would be ok. Then the voice on my left touched my hand and I felt the most incredible Love that is not humanly possible to explain. I remember saying I did not want to come back I wanted to stay and feel that Love always and told that I had to go back because I had work to do here. I remember crying and asking them not to leave me and the voice to my left said everytime you hear the wind I am nearby. There was alot more to our conversation but nobody would believe it. Then I opened my eyes again and like a spiral staircase everything came back into focus and I was wide awake and felling this very empty feeling for about 2 days.

Jesus said...

I have had very close UFO sighting encounters.

Jesus said...

May I know what your conversation was about?

Atrueoriginall said...

Jesus, this is a very old post on this page going back to 2008 so most don't read it much and instead just watch the videos and learn from them. Maybe someone will comment but if you want to engage with others on abduction, try the UFO Casebook forum. It's the best UFO/alien forum on the internet. Here is their address.

Jesus said...

Ohh ok. Thanks. Do you think it's possible that engaging in conversations with abductees will increase the chances of being abducted?

Atrueoriginall said...

No, highly unlikely. Besides, most abductees, no all but most don't even talk about their experiences because to the norm, they come off sounding like a nut case. That's why so many do not comment on their experiences. For the most part people that have never had such experiences think they're off their rocker, so they pretty much stay quiet.

Here are two addresses where you'll find people who did come out of the closet on their abductions though.

Those ought to keep you busy.

Jesus said...

Wow. said...

I was in Fargo ND then night of the incident. I remember my mother saying "The Happy Hooligans (Fargo Air Guard P-51's) were chasing flying saucers over Hector Field last night. I have not abduction memories, but who knows what hypnosis might reveal?