Thursday, February 18, 2010


Below is an update of 43 new articles coming out of the UK this morning. Beyond the first batch of 43 is another 22 articles from last evening (or early morning hours in the UK)

Montreal CTV: Was that a UFO hovering above Chelsea stadium?
Defence Management: Churchill asked for report on UFOs
Caledonian Mercury: UFO Sightings and Chocolate in the Sky
SMH: Alien nation as Britain reveals its X-files
UPI: Britain releases UFO documents
Discover Magazine: UFO Sightings: The Shapes They Are A-Changing
NY Daily News: British govt release 6,000 pages of UFO documents

BBC: UFO sightings revealed in UK archive files from 1990s
BBC: Was MP Michael Howard buzzed by aliens?
Kent News: What did aliens want with Michael Howard?
Guardian: UFO sightings a close encounter of the absurd kind
Hale-Bopp comet caused record UFO sightings
BBC: Thousands of UFO sightings
BBC: Files reveal UFO near-miss near Manchester airport
UK Press Association: Man 'fell ill after UFO encounter'
MOD release previously top-secret UFO files
Thames Today: UFOs spotted above Tescos in Aylesbury
Telegraph: Sir Winston Churchill wanted a full report on UFOs
UK Press Association: Town 'best place' to spot UFOs
Newsolio: UFO at Chelsea v Manchester United Game
Telegraph: UFO spotted by police on east coast, MoD files show
Telegraph: Guardian: UFO sightings from the National Archives
Telegraph: UFO files: Did aliens attempt to abduct Michael Howard?
News Sky: Norfolk UFO 'was church spire'
India Talkies: Winston Churchill's UFO investigation revealed
Zee News: Ex-British PM Churchill acted over 'alien invasion'
Manchester Evening News: UFO near miss over the airport
This Is Cornwall: Drawing sheds light on UFO sighting
CNN: Britain releases new UFO files
BBC: Newport man 'became ill' after Ebbw Vale UFO sighting
BBC: Reports of Scottish UFOs released
Sky News: Previously Secret Files On Close Encounters Declassified
Telegraph: Michael Howard and the mystery UFO: Labour hoax?
Guardian: UFOs: the (boring) truth is out there
CNN: Britain releases new UFO files
Telegraph: UFO 'was spotted above Michael Howard's home'
Daily Mail: MOD UFO sightings include Michael Howard encounter
Mirror: Something in the Night about Michael Howard
Independent Minds: Revealed: eerie UFO sightings recorded in MoD files
Indie Talkies: UFO encounters exposed as UK releases ‘X-Files’
Shropshire Star: MoD releases UFO files Video
The Australian: Churchill wanted UFO data

Liberal England: Michael Howard and the UFO

Posted last evening 8:pm ET

Close encounters of the Toblerone kind
UFOs spotted in Kingstanding and Black Country, MoD files reveal
Chelsea's extraterrestrial fans
The Scottish X-Files are revealed
UFO close encounters laid bare as ‘X-Files’ released by records office
Wakefield: UFO drawing revealed
Police officer 'saw UFO over Chelsea's Stamford Bridge'
UFO 'sightings' revealed in archive files from 1990s
Strange sightings and close encounters
The Toblerone that came from outer space, and other UFO sightings
Winston Churchill Acted Over Alien Invasion
UFOS: Close Encounters of the Weird Kind
Government files reveal new UFO sightings
Revealed: Probe ordered into UFOs coming for Michael Howard...
Cop spots UFO over Chelsea Football Club
There's a UFO over Michael Howard's house...
MoD files reveal UFO sightings
UFO sightings revealed at MP's home
Churchill demanded UFO briefing: secret files
Churchill UFO request revealed
Scottish alien encounters detailed in newly released files
Churchill demanded UFO briefing: secret files

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