Monday, February 15, 2010

Abstraction In Ufology and Never Underestimate the Orb - Updated 10:35ET Feb 16


This is an original post of mine, which the gracious Director
J. Burkhart from Rochester Paranormal posted in his own blog back in September, 2009. More recently however I've decided to give this UFO sighting a second home because it's been overlooked and underestimated for way too long and more of you really need to see this.

Too many of you are blowing off orb photos. I know this because others are taking a closer look at what they've captured and discovered more than they ever expected to find. Below is a case in point.

Read the following descriptions and then click on the link within each sentence, as to better understand the big picture. Honestly, I knew that some of you would just look at the pictures and not read the text so I purposely set it up this way because the text is crucial and this UFO sighting has been tremendously overlooked already.

This first one is the actual photo that was taken by the witness. Essentially it’s an orb of some nature. No big deal here, just a plain ole orb, or is it?

Before you begin, you may take the pictures if you wish but, they must go in your own photo website with your own jpg because I don't use Blogger for my pix. And, if you use them in a website or blog, I ask that you credit this blog with a link. These are not the originals so don't state so if you post them. There is original exif data on some or all of them, I didn't really check because I also have the originals with the exif data intact.

This second picture is of the same orb taken seconds later, and as you can see, it now has an unusual rainbow shooting through the sky beneath the orb.

The picture of the orb was then extracted from the photo and inverted and this is what was found to be inside of this tiny looking orb.

Three separate individuals have look at the photos. I was the first. The second individual, which is Johhn from UFO Eye Candy, took the photo and after he enlarged, enhanced and filtered the object this was his result.

This next photo was then cleaned up and filtered even more so by Johhn as to see just the image. And, he followed that photo up with this one.

It actually looks like someone is traveling within some type of energy field. I know it sounds far fetched but, if we consider that they’re probably thousands if not hundreds of thousands of years older then us and we’ve only become technologically advanced in only the last 100 years, who’s to say.

The original photo of that very small orb was then given to another photographer in Canada who has exceptional software and can look at it in many different lights than we can.

Amongst other software mentioned he stated, “The software that I use is IRIS, an astronomy package normally used to extract details from dim stars, and nearby planets in our solar system.” He also said that he uses GNU GIMP, which is free software and can be obtained by anyone – it has excellent edge extraction algorithms.

With his software, see now what actually surrounds the image in the orb

The original witness and photographer state, "I took this photo standing in my back yard of an ET in his space craft, enlarge this photo and you will see him, also take note of the other white objects in this photo they are also flying with this ET. With this photo we no longer need to ask, will we soon find life in the heavens. All photo's were taken on May 24, 2008, with a digital camera using a 300mm telescopic lens."

So yes, one must dwell in an abstract universe in order to see the big picture and never underestimate an orb. Those in the paranormal should also have a better understanding as to why some of us in ufology care to mince UFOs with the paranormal.

UPDATE: I have two other pictures I'll share here. The original photo is 3456 x 2304, and entails 269 lines of exif data. From the original, this first photo is an enlarged version of the original. After I posted yesterday it dawned on me that I should have shown you this stage as well.

Furthermore, I blew up that photo and created a new picture showing the pixelation in case anyone is suspicious. It looks very good to me and besides the exif data, that's always what I look at next before I post a UFO sighting, since hoaxes can almost always be tripped up by simply looking at the pixelation.

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