Saturday, April 3, 2010

VIDEO: My First Digital Death: The Technology of Consciousness; An Ode to Mac Tonnies, by Rita King

Author and Futurist Mac Tonnies died in his sleep in October 2009 at the age of 34. This video, produced by Rita J. King is a memorial to his life and energy and his belief that we are exquisite machines.

After five years of communicating constantly in the digital realm, Mac admitted that he was somewhat agoraphobic, afraid to leave Kansas City and yet hungering for the coastal life of New York or San Francisco. In a series of conversations in 2009, I convinced him to come to New York and visit. He feared that he would no longer be viewed as an interplanetary man of mystery but rather as a bald guy with two cats who loves to ponder extraterrestrial intelligence. Read more at the following link.

My First Digital Death: The Technology of Consciousness

Among the legacies of Mac Tonnies' short life is his final book, The Cryptoterrestrials, which you can find on the right hand sidebar.

In Memory of Mac Tonnies by Atrueoriginall

Mac's last reply to a tweople. Click on picture.


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