Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I have been watching this thing at exact location at same time since July 31st. It appears around 10:00 pm and moves in 15-20 degree every 30 minutes. The monitored this until 3:00 in the morning.

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Unknown said...

I Really do wish people would turn off the auto focus when filming UFOs

Perspective said...

I agree with turning off the auto-focus.
They should also stop filming stars and buy a tripod.
I really think what she is filming here is that bright star we see everyday. For me that star can first be seen in the east direction and travels slowly over my house. From what I've seen crosses the sky like every other star, just brighter.
The vanishing act can be shuffled into clouds moving infront of the light.
I've been screaming "UFO, UFO, UFO" once before (I saw it changing shape, changing color and fading out) only to find out it was the moon being shaded on and off with different kinds of cloud.


Roel Poelwijk
The Netherlands