Monday, August 3, 2009



These pictures have been captured from a NASA Server

To download from server

1. Go Here First
2. click on Find Photos - Search - Mission-Roll-Frame
3. Find and click in the Mission list STS088
4. Enter in the Roll field 724
5. Click on run query
6. Scroll down and click on next Page (page 2)

Find on Google Earth: 66°33′6.60″S,99°50′24.84″E
Original High-Resolution NASA Pictures:

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1 comment:

wreckage said...

Hello. I may not be the brightest bulb in the room, but the above instructions (after # 6) mean nothing to me. What does 'Find on Google Earth' have to do with seeing high resolution images?
Besides, the directions:
66°33?6.60?S,99°50?24.84?E get me to Antarctica. The position shown in the film is somewhere around 0deg 13'00.30" N 6deg36'08.60"E. .. And how does looking at an island on Google Earth help me zoom in on the images from the website?
Please enlighten me.