Wednesday, March 4, 2009

VIDEO: UNBELIEVABLE UFO OVER RUSSIA - MARCH 2009- Even I was taken back on this one

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Roel said...

Cheers on the video.

I started commenting on youtube instead, larger crowd, sorry. :)
Keep up the good work, I'm here daily.

Roel Poelwijk
The Netherlands

Atrueoriginall said...

I know you're here a lot. That's nice too.

Lately I have just been frustrated with what's available in YouTube. Plus, there always seems to be another newbie that comes in and uploads tons of old videos, which really make it tougher to go through the 'todays' videos. Today it was 17 pages long (that's 17x20 videos) and full of garbage, known hoaxes, you name it.

I have so much to do every day with my blogs but yet waste a lot of time trying to find just one good UFO video so I have backed off for a while and keep an eye out for videos in Google Alerts instead.

Nice hearing from you again.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely fascinating video. Thanks for the heads up. I usually just check The Anomalist for the days stories so when you have something good please make sure they provide a link. This is definitely good!

becotex said...

I'm pretty sure that is a flashlight reflecting in the window as though someone standing somewhere behind the person with camera is pointing it at the window and moving it around. Most of the time it looks like the flashlight is pointing right at the window, but sometimes is pointed a little to the side when it looks less bright. It is when it points a little to the side that it most looks like a flashlight.

roseyposey said...

this seems to be the reflection in the window of a light
being held by someone perhaps 15-20 feet behind the camera...

easy and common trick.

NickJones said...

Sorry, but it looks like the reflection of a bright flashlight held by someone behind the videographer. I Want To Believe - but it's gotta be better than this.

I haven't been impressed with a real (allegedly) UFO video since the one from the Nellis Test Range.

Brian said...

Disappointingly, as many are stating, it is a reflection of a light source in the window. That is why the film is so dark at the beginning, so that there won't be any other reflections in the window.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with the people indicating a flashlight. It'd be easier to discern what it is if the video wasn't so horribly compressed as it freezes then moves, freezes, then moves. Whatever it is that's causing that, it's extremely annoying and poor quality, and I have a 10mb dl/ 1mb ul cable connenction so it has nothing to do with my end.