Friday, January 9, 2009


I want it to be a UFO more than any of you so you already know that I'm not trying to debunk here, I just feel that there are some things you need to be reminded of. More than anything, I despise hoaxers and if Morristown is a hoax, we're feeding the hoaxer and giving him/her exactly what they want.

We've all seen our share of lanterns and flares tied to balloons. We sometimes fail to remember what they looked like and how they reacted in the sky until we go back and do a double take.

The following (3) videos and pictures are from the April 21, 2008 hoax in Phoenix, Arizona where the hoaxer's neighbor turned him in. I think that after you view this all over again it will jog your memory as to how simply this can be done. We tend to not want to believe authority when THEY say it was just road flares attached to balloons because they are just that, authority and authority is a problem when it comes to ufology. Then again, we know better and we should also know how the media tends to hype everything UFO wise that comes along. It's real simple, the media does not dwell in the subject of UFOs day in and day out like we do. Instead, they have visions of mass numbers of viewers in their eyes and justifiable ad rates so they run with the ball.

Look at the ratio of hoaxes on YouTube and always remember that there are just as many hoaxers running around with ideas in their head in order to get media attention. Consequently, please take some time to re-review the Phoenix incident from last April.
Lights over Phoenix - April 21, 2008

Neighbor of hoaxer who narcs on him
Phoenix local station interviews hoaxer
What one of those balloons looks like
Any three points make a triangle

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