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Right near the very beginning of the establishment of human civilization on earth and a period thereafter there were alien-races that weren't aware of the situation with regards to when manifesting physically, losing their inter dimensionality entirely and completely if they were to stay/remain within the physical-realm for a period longer that forty-eight to seventy-two hours.

This due to the design-creation of this physical-manifested existence programmed through time to become more and more physically manifest, along with the evolution of the mind consciousness system in and as the physical human body that played a role within the total complete manifestation of this physical-manifested existence into and as complete and total physicality with no existence or inkling of inter dimensionality.

History of Contact with Aliens - Section 1 - Introduction

Though, before the year 1998 this physical manifested existence, had inter dimensional access capabilities and thus was possible for inter dimensional beings and races such as aliens with their space-ships to enter and leave this physical-manifested realm at will, though became more and more difficult through time.'

Aliens with their Space-Ships would be able to manifest from inter dimensionality to physicality to be visible to the human eye within and during the period of forty-eight to seventy-two hours whilst still maintaining the existent-essence of themselves as inter dimensional.

Staying/Remaining longer than seventy-two hours, they'd be trapped and locked into total and complete physicality losing their inter dimensional existence and therefore have no ability to return to the inter dimensional existence.

History of Contact with Aliens - Section 2 - Aliens and UFO

Such occurrences with physically manifesting while losing their inter dimensional capabilities which occurred way in the almost-beginning phase of the establishment of human civilization on earth caused Anu and his co-creators to realize the process of this physically manifested realm was becoming more and more physical which could not be seen,' only experienced through events such as aliens and their space-ships manifesting physically losing their inter dimensionality completely.

However, the spectacle of alien-races having their space-ships manifest physically, losing their inter dimensionality completely, occurred only with a few alien-races that ended up having to remain on earth in a physical-form alien to that of the human physical form, as their physical-form was not one and equal to the design of the human physical body in any way whatsoever.

History of Contact with Aliens - Section 3 - Visitation

Also because of such instances Anu and his co-creators developed methods to have the ability to remain in the physical for much longer periods of time without losing their inter dimensionality as Anu and his co-creators were closely involved with humans of earth in the beginning of the establishment of human civilization as to assist and support such humans within their existence of evolving as individual civilizations that were set-up on earth.

Alien-races that were trapped within the physical-realm were designated to underground settlements close to/nearby the earths core and/or the earth underneath the ocean and/or within mountains to ensure they do not become involved and/or influence the evolution of human civilization on earth to the extent where it would be altered that Anu would have to re-start the entire existence of humans on earth so exact was he with regards to his creation and what he had prepared/programmed for it.

History of Contact with Aliens - Section 4 - Crash Landings

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