Thursday, November 13, 2008


As many that are familiar with the Stephenville Lights that made world wide headlines back in Jan 08, have seen the multicolored images of something in the sky. There is no doubt in our minds that there was a craft of some kind seen that night of Jan 8th 2008. And with so many coming forward with video, and photographic evidence there is no wonder it made headlines like it did.

Because of the nature of to which these photos were taken, Jack (Capt Jack) the host of Paranormal Radio is on his way right now to talk with the man that took the photos, and to see the other evidence he has to show the world .

Nov 13th 2008 at 3:00am these photos were taken of something in the sky near Stephenville.

Now what could it be? This is only a small sample of photos that were taken.

The story behind these photos will be told soon by the one that took the photos and exactly what happened last night. But we would like your input, and observation of these lights in you live in the Dublin/Stephenville area.

Tonight we will rebroadcast the interview done with Angelia Joiner and Officer X that described the events of Jan 8th 2008.

You can listen in by clicking here or here.

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