Friday, November 14, 2008


I guess an Above Top Secret member is about as aggravated as I am regarding the Dr. Reed hoax since he went so far as to put a video together in order to forewarn.

This hoax was settled years ago after the UFO Watchdog spent a few years and a lot of money researching the man and meeting up with all that knew him.

Below this video is an address that pretty much explains it all and then there are links to the UFO Watchdog where you can read about the debunking of Dr. Reed.

Too many people are still falling for the Reed thing and there is $$ involved there that they're parting with, even though it's a well known hoax. Consequently, someone needs to re-educate the UFO alien enthusiasts probably every year due to newbies who get stung.

The real problem is that Reed and his aka's: odisealinker and JoanScutter have the comments area in YouTube set to "approval only". The reason is an obvious one, which is that there are too many of us that know about the hoax and he won't post our comments. He only posts positive comments about what it is he has to sell from the believers that got sucked in.

Remember, he's there to sell something. He's not just presenting his story, he's in the business of making $$.

Alls one really has to do is ask Art Bell what his biggest regret is that he ever aired on Coast to Coast.

The truth about John Bradley Rutter aka: Dr. Jonathan Reed

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