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Miles O'Brien explores the possibility of intelligent life beyond Earth. Or is he just going to piss us off?

[I just watched the first of the 5 series this morning. Outside of continually showing the clips from the Mexican Military UFOs, which have since been explained away and the object belonging to NASA violently crashing in the desert, they didn't do too awful bad.

Miles O'Brien had his own personal UFO story, which he tried to explain away after stating what it was and then explaining what it could have been. This seems to be the rule with mainstream media UFO reports, to throw in a negative after the positive on each subject within the topic.

While showing the Jimmy Carter footage where Carter states that him and about 20 others saw a light in the sky that changed colors and they couldn't figure out what it was, O'Brien then states, "but Carter does not believe it was a UFO. Then why even include the Jimmy Carter story whatsoever if your intention is to make certain you state afterwards, "Carter does not believe it was a UFO"?

The Fife Symington (Phoenix lights) part of the show was a very short blip and a total waste of air time. Once again, they managed to use another UFO incident that multitudes, including the Air Force, have attempted to debunk to death. Very old news, different day.

In the Milton Torres (Air Force pilot ordered to shoot at a UFO) story, O'Brien's final take was, "but could it have been a meteor or something wrong with the radar. O'Brien got a blatant "no" out of Torres as he explained how it took off in the blink of an eye scenario. So that part went very well, except for again, the negatives thrown in after the positive.

All in all, the program was exactly what I expected. At the end of the program they make a special point of telling the viewers to send in their UFO videos and photos. What for? They always seem to do the same repeat performance each time they attempt to put together a UFO story. And besides, those 5 days are completed. There are no changes that would ever take place within the five so why bother asking?]

Tomorrow (which is now today) starts the 5-part series of "In Search of Aliens" on CNN's American Morning. After listening to the trailer video recently I sense already that we would have been no better off if Jim Oberg were sitting in for CNN's Space Correspondent Miles O'Brien.

Early into the trailer American Morning's Kiran Chetry stated, "For as long as humankind has been on this earth we look to the skies and ask that question are we alone in this universe, so all next week we're going to try and answer that question."

CNN's Space Correspondent Miles O'Brien responds with, "I would love to promise to be able to answer that question, that would be a scoop, but uhhh, we might say we landed a little 'south' of smoking gun proof that we are not alone. We did however meet some amazing and interesting people though who are convinced the truth is out there."

So already the show has not even begun and a his facetious nature about life beyond earth went south like a duck in winter. He did mention in another tone (familiar to me) that he met some amazing and interesting people. If you watch the video, listen to his tone and watch his facial expressions as he mentions the part about meeting some amazing and interesting people. It's as if he wanted to say, boy did we find a couple of doozies for the show. Unfortunately I also have a feeling that he's going to have a heyday with Dr. Edgar Mitchell since he will be interviewed AGAIN! I guess the whole of America hasn't heard that story yet.

The media has no clue. They do not spend waking hours researching, looking, seeking or even reading about UFOs and aliens. Does it help the disclosure process? Certainly not this kind of journalism because it's a mockery. If anything we tend to take major steps backwards. They pick up a little tidbit here and a little tidbit there but none of it is their own. So do they have the right to report on such things to begin with? They're ignorant to many truths. Their common denominator is simply that they've never been an experiencer.

Major mainstream media seems to always fail 'in our eyes' in regard to their presentations on UFOs and aliens and they do so every single time. If they don't carry a condescending, facetious or sarcastic tone within their story, they are certainly consistent at leaving a bad taste in our mouth. It's bad enough that they always tend to settle for the 'same ole same' stories instead of seeking new ones (it's not like we don't see hundreds of new ones each week) let alone end the show with negative connotations, which is always, always their forté. It's as if media is absolutely terrified to say, "maybe".

Below is the latest CNN American Morning Show video

This next video is the earlier one regarding "In Search of Aliens"

So, this time....let's load our guns and be ready for what is typically the enemy. Below is a smaller version of what their contact (comment) area looks like. You only need to click on it and it opens to their page where you can place your comment. It's time we started inundating mainstream media with our complaints. Mind you I haven't seen the show yet but I've seen the trailer and from it alone I can see already where it's headed.

If you have one complaint or ten complaints, please send them in at the time they occur as to not forget anything. If you can't find inconsistencies in their story, make notes about what you sensed as you listened and how it made you feel and tell them. Were you once again in, some slight fashion ridiculed due to your experiences or beliefs? Tell them what you think.

Below is the very simple forum you need to fill out (just click on it) and do so every time you think of something YOU wanted to say. The more you do it the merrier, I say.


Below is the schedule for the American Morning show "In Search of Aliens". They never give specific times for that show's spot. We simply know it's between 6 and 9 in the morning.

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CNN's "In Search of Aliens" - Part 1
CNN's "In Search of Aliens" - Part 2
CNN's "In Search of Aliens" - Part 3
CNN's "In Search of Aliens" - Part 4 and 5

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