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At the age of 3 Roger Kvande recalls a botched abduction of himself and his family by aliens. This abduction began a series of unusual experiences involving the aliens, including nightmares from which he suffered until an experience at the age of 15 in 1966.

In one of Roger's experiences he found himself on an alien craft being transported to Russia, where he was shown by a stranger how to end his nightmares. While on the way back to Minnesota from Russia, Roger was placed in control of a craft when he buzzed his hometown of Bagley in broad daylight. The craft was seen by many witnesses as he set the craft down in a park in the northwest part of town. He then exited the craft undetected in some tall grass. Townspeople saw four alien beings near the craft, which then re-entered it and the craft left. There is a historical record of this event.

I found Roger's most recent blog post quaint since I too can relate to such things. This is a two part blog post where Roger tells his story first and then is followed by his young son's own story.

I noticed what looked like a sunflower that was jumping around, unable to stand still, I stopped and stared at it, mesmerized. I noted there were two of the “sunflowers”. I was so mesmerized I was unable to break away, and I had to be told what they were just to get me going again.

- Roger Kvande

Now the sunflower man was truly strange. I was 4 or 5. My grand parents lived on a farm. Seven to ten people were over and we went on a hayride. My grandpa hooked the tractor up to a flat bed trailer bed they used to put hay bales on and we all loaded up and went riding down the tractor trail.

It was a normal Minnesota country scene. Woods, fields, cows, grass that sort of thing. There were 2 dogs running around and I noticed this thing. It moved pretty fast and was hard to see its body but I could clearly see its face. It looked like a plastic sunflower pinwheel you’d put in your front lawn and seems to have green leafy plant legs and arms. It looked like something from a cartoon almost. It was maybe a foot and half tall, two legs and arms and ran upright.

I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me but the dogs were barking at it and running with it. The dogs clearly saw it. I pointed it out to my grandma but she couldn’t see it. I said, “You can’t see that?” She said “see what?” “That sunflower thing the dogs are barking at?” She just couldn’t see it. Nobody there could, except the dogs and me. It was the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen.

- Roger
Kvande's son

Below are live links to Roger's recent blog posts from A Life of Alien Abduction

We're not done yet! Below you'll find Roger's story online, which you can download for a whopping $2.00 or purchase it for what I call pocket change. Co-written with Mack Leitrim and Craig R. Lang, this 123 page book describes the encounter experiences of Roger "Rocky" Kvande. As well, Mack Leitrim and Craig R. Lang input their previous knowledge based on their numerous years in UFO/alien field investigations and authoritative backgrounds.


Roger Kvande, using the initials R.K. in his book was born in 1950 in Crookston, MN and was raised on a farm just outside of Bagley Minnesota. Mr. Kvande graduated from his high school with honors. He has worked as a computer technician and software engineer, and presently designs websites.

A number of researchers in the UFO/ET field have discovered that hundreds of people in the U.S. alone claim to recall being abducted by alien humanoids. These humanoids are believed to be intelligent creatures from some place outside of Earth. These "abductions" have been variously called "alien encounters" or "alien contactees" or "encounter experiences" or as defined by J. Allen Hynek, PhD, "Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind".

Those who experience encounters are referred to as "experiencers" in this book. Not all of the suspected aliens are humanoids, and some reports describe creatures that are almost totally unlike any life form found on Earth. Nothing has yet to been proven about the origin or even the existence of such beings; it is speculated that they might be from other planets, star systems, galaxies, "dimensions" or even from another time.

Evidence for UFOs and ETs abounds in the form of verbal reports from reliable people, photographs and even physical traces or marks believed to have been left on the ground by landed craft.

As a Field Investigator with the Mutual UFO Network, (MUFON), Craig R. Lang initially met with witness Robert Kvande (R.K.) who described his encounters. The initial encounters are described in the primary material in this book.

R.K. describes a knowledge infusion by the semi-sentient computer/mind in control of the alien ship in which he found himself on several occasions. He is thus one of the few persons who allegedly has extensive knowledge of one extraterrestrial civilization and the technical workings of an alien spacecraft.

In addition, R.K. describes one experience in which he briefly saw a large number of a variety of aliens. I have not been able to find any conflicts between his accounts and scientific facts and I have a wide knowledge of science with a special interest in physics. Additionally his accounts of the alleged extra-terrestrials and their craft have many parallels and similarities to other witness accounts.

- Mark Leitrim

Mack Leitrim has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, has worked for several large computer and electronics companies, and is retired. He has investigated and studied UFO/ET reports for over five decades and studies several other areas on the frontiers of science.

Craig R. Lang has a Masters Degree in software engineering and is a Certified Hypnotherapist. He is a field investigator for MUFON, the largest private international organization that investigates UFO/ET reports. He is the author of "The Cosmic Bridge -- Close Encounters and Human Destiny."

Download or purchase 'Message for Earth' here

Source: Roger Kvande's Blog: A Life of Alien Abduction

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