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Video Clip OF The Late Betty And Barney Hill

Video Clip: The Abduction Lie: Taken While Awake



Part 1: Betty and Barney Hill - Profiles in Courage

"Bombs and guns followed him down,
all because his skin was brown,
what da ya think of that my friends"
- Bob Dylan

If anyone were my spiritual mentors in the UFO community it was Betty and Barney Hill. That may sound funny, but they lived their testimony, rather than just talking.

Many of you are too young to know what would have happened to an interracial couple like Betty and Barney on certain streets in the good old USA back then. Happily married bi-racial couples, especially black men with white women were the greatest fear of the racist community. That community did not just talk their talk, either.

I know we love to hear all these peace-and-love, mind-blowing guru pronouncements and parables about love, but for me, true spiritual love is not only wrapped up in words, instead, it’s the action you take when another human being is being treated unjustly. Betty and Barney Hill not only lived as activists in the NAACP, but they loved each other across the decades in a dignified, strong way that is both a showcase and a tribute to what’s best in the human race.

If ET did stage the sighting and abduction of this interracial couple to introduce themselves to us, they couldn’t have picked a better example of what human beings will do when a basic freedom is within their grasp, and how they can overcome vastly powerful racial divides with love.

The debunkers do not want you to talk about the character of these people. Why? Because it was hard in the face of this historic couple’s genuine integrity to call them liars, so twisting the astounding double-witness experience as 'dreaming' was a safer spin the disinfo meisters could wield.

In Susan Clancy’s book 'How People Come To Believe They Were Kidnapped By Aliens', the author quotes a statement borrowed from one of my all time favorites from The Debunkers Dumb Statement List: "It was TV!"

Betty and Barney Hill under hypnosis

To show how ridiculous that suggestion was, I decided to do a quick parody on this theory starring Bill O'Reilly, whose contradictions and misstatements of fact are a phenomenon unto themselves. According to Clancy, who was spinning the skeptic yarn of unexplained, the Hills got their aliens right out of an episode of the 'Outer Limits'.

Voice Over: O’Reilly narrates:

This abduction stuff is so stupid I’ve been thinking about it….and…Welllll….. the Hills must have watched that episode of 'Outer Limits' …you know, the one what was it’s name… That's it! "The Bellero Shield". Why, that episode was just like what they describe…why the alien was just the same…big wrap around eyes, sinewy body. Just the same…Yes, it's obvious the images in their dream were from that episode. She saw that scary 'Outer Limits' and had a waking nightmare…and all this foolish talk about abduction it, was a dream, nothing more…A dream!

Wrong Clancy-O’Reilly. The 'Bellero Shield' episode aired three years after the Hill abduction.

They must have been using the same time machine as the Roswell Test dummies. Folks, this is supposed to be debunking. I wonder why Paul Kimball is not ranting, I mean, writing on this important discrepancy.

We must all remember one important point shown to us over and over again: the simple truth will never stand in the way of good disinformation.

This is another important point for Marden. In the past, the Hills, Betty in particular, were accused of seeking publicity. It just wasn't that way, says the niece. "Barney was appointed chair of Rockingham County Community Action Program and was also on the state advisory board for economic opportunity board. He was also a New Hampshire representative to the Civil Rights Commission and legal redress to the NAACP and on the New Hampshire regional board." Betty also held positions in these organizations, and was an envoy to the United Nations through their church.

Stratham author Kathleen Marden, niece of Betty and Barney Hill, poses
with her new book "Captured! The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience,"
which gives the true story of the couple's alien abduction.

See the complete article here at Sea Coast

And the Hills, does anyone really believe they faked this? Go listen to the original tapes.

There is another part to this story that smacks of truthfulness and that is how long it took the couple to seek help. We know now that this is a difficult road for anyone to travel, but think of being the representative to the public for a cause of full freedom for your race in those days, and how merciless the scrutiny from both your allies and the enemies of the justice and racial equality movements must have been. Do these two people, who after the circus atmosphere around the abduction experience and the various attacks, decided to retire from the limelight. Does that sound like publicity hounds to you?

Remember the ground truths of the era when the Hill case happened:

1. Abductions were unknown…to Americans, at least
2. ET were not in the news, and the only information the Hills had was their own experience
3. The facts of the experience seemed too insane to be real.

The Hills stand out as people who couldn’t possible be the people the professional debunkers and disinfo agents made them out to be. They were fighters, these Hills. They were stand up Americans doing what America does best: standing up for freedom.

The beauty of the Hills was they were truly unspoiled, and yet they saw something very shatteringly bizarre, similar to what was reported before at Roswell, but kept smothered for decades.

But after I accept Betty and Barney’s honest recounting of the details of their abduction, I was still troubled, as I think all thoughtful people probably were.

So in my next post I raise some of my questions and the problems inherent in the perennially shocking case of American heroes Betty and Barney Hill. Hope you’ll join me in exploring some likely and unlikely answers.

Part 2: Betty And Barney Hill: Lights, Camera, Action!

First, a travel update: Warp Drive New Approach
This energy requirement for space travel would drop dramatically if we assumed a thin shell of modified space-time instead of a bubble.
Warp Drive - A New Approach

Now that we’re beyond the absolute nonsense used by the debunkers to discredit the Hill's story, we have to address the details of what the Hills actually reported.

The problem is however that the ETs do not make sense.

Let’s take a close look at these ETs, their actions and their “accoutrements”, as Harlan Ellison would say. Where I’m going with my ETs - doesn't make sense theory, is mostly guided by two sources, the great book Captured by Stanton Friedman and Betty’s niece, Kathleen Marden, and listening to the Hills’ therapy session tapes.

After the Hills are taken aboard the ship, the ETs or entities led Barney and Betty to different examination rooms which looked very similar to ours --but not quite. Betty describes the examining table as hard, and about four feet long; Barney mentions how his feet were sticking over the end.

This description begs the question. The same kind of tables we have? And the similarities go on. The examination itself is very similar to an extensive examination in a doctor’s office. The instruments are different but similar to ours. This additional similarity is problematic: why? Does evolving a million years, or even 500 years into the future only give you star travel, while everything else remains stuck in time, consistent with what our technology is now?

It stretches the imagination beyond belief that star-traveling ETs have no advanced methods --including less painful methods-- of performing these medical tests.

The Relax, It’s Just The Trickster Myth At Work people claim this entire terrifying scenario shared in part, yet distinguished by particular differences between both individuals’ experience, was a projection of collective conscious. And so the Trickster Myth people would have us join their collective delusion that these terrifying claims of Barney and Betty Hill are nothing more than iconic mind projections.

That would be nice if we could leave it there. Unfortunately these myths and iconic projections have...been recorded on radar, killed our pilots, disabled our missiles, and destroyed at least one of our missiles --representing the most advanced weaponry on Earth.

In one instance the entity scrapes Betty Hill’s skin with a blade. Betty understands the ETs’ purpose is to take skin samples. Here again, an advance species is still scraping the skin the way we do. Then, as Betty is lying on the table, the entity tries to insert a needle attached to a device into her navel, much the we perform amniocentesis...but again a minor difference. She complains that it hurts and they stop, but the needle it the “biggest I ever saw.” We find in this instance some type of test that was not feasible at the time, but does became a fairly common though costly test in the near future.

And here a principle takes shape: surroundings, tools, and procedures similar to ours, yet medically advanced…but not by much.

Betty notices a map and questions the entity about it. The ET explains that this is a map of their home world and their travels to new worlds. The entity explains what the solid and dash lines mean: solid lines show two-way trade with other worlds and dash lines indicate expeditions into new systems. What a wonderful word to use, “trade”. We understand trade as having a benign meaning.

So are we saying that solid lines are used the same way we use them. This map showing their home world. Why would they let other entities see these maps? Why would an apparently strategic trade map, illustrating economic relationships, be shown to a medical examine?

Then the ETs have a problem with Betty’s zipper. They didn’t know what a zipper was? The entity offers Betty something to take back with her, a book --again, similar to ours-- and he tells her she can have the book.

Let’s think this over. Apparent extraterrestrials capture two mated humans on a lonely road and put them in a deep trance, force them [or at least one of them] to take highly invasive, dangerous and painful medical tests, and then the ET entity wants to give the female, at her request, absolute proof of their capture, conversation, and probably, of their identify. Of course it doesn’t happen, but what happens after that seems even stranger. The entity debates the subject of the gift book with another entity, and he loses the debate. In other words, among this crew of an apparent interstellar craft crew the rule: “no leaving the natives proof” was something new, something this other entity was unaware of?

But you have to admit all this exchange is so easily recognizable, so understandable to us because most of what these ETs do, we do.

Knowing with all my heart right now these abductees are not lying or dreaming, and believing most of what they report, I have come to the conclusion the Betty and Barney Hill abduction was staged for the Hills’ benefit and for our benefit. Yes, the entities knew the psychological block would eventually wear off, they know this is always the case. Why wouldn’t they be aware of the limitations of their mind control technology?

What is happening aboard these ships is not so much esoteric, as it is a good nuts and bolts stage show. But why do these entities validate the experience by showcasing future events and techniques?

These may be subliminal messages given to the Hills, a pregnancy test not in use yet, three dimensional mapping, strange book, and the star system sequence which wouldn’t fit our observable skyscape --or our computer-calculable maps for years.

What is the end result? They are like us.

It may be these ETs, these entities don’t actually need or use the tools or types of instrumentation displayed to the Hills and others. But in that instance, would we even understand what was happening?

We have to admit now the ETs are doing some type of symbol communications.

They also seem to be able to put suggestions into peoples minds. So why not stages to present themselves, while they do whatever it is they need to do?

We find a message of familiarity in all these types of objects, a communication we can understand and relate to…US YET NOT US.

The retelling of the Hills’ true experience does not suggest a horrible, killing ET invader, but rather, ETs with the same compassion and curiosity that we have…scary but not too scary.

The whole interaction may be a way to communicate to us in a benign way. The mentioning of trade to us signifies the peaceful co-existence of our world. Are they suggesting it is a part of their world, too?

I believe, considering our continuing development of a world view, that ETs may have a developed an experienced Worlds View. What does that mean? It means in the final analysis, if anyone has the experience of when to disclose the ETs’ occasional presence among other worldly species, it would be them…and maybe… just maybe… now is the time.

UFO Connection Intervew - With Betty Hill

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