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A most unusual case of alien abduction would occur on October 25, 1974, in Medicine Bow National Park in Wisconsin. Carl Higdon, who was hunting for elk, had an experience that would haunt him the rest of his natural life. As he shot his rifle at an elk, the projectile moved in slow motion! It traveled the short course of about 50 feet and then fell into the snow. As this happened, he felt the most strange sensation come over his body.

Humanoid Entity:
Still shocked by what had just occurred, he then saw a humanoid being not too far away. This being, unlike most reports, was over six feet tall. He had a black coverall on, and a wide belt. Higdon could clearly make out a six-pointed star and a yellow emblem on his uniform. The entity had hair which stood straight out from his head. The alien had no eyebrows or chin. He was bow-legged, with long arms, and rod appendages where his hands should have been.

Alien Medicine:
According to Higdon, the humanoid began to talk to him. The hunter was asked if he was hungry. The humanoid threw something toward him that resembled pills, and he was told if he took one of them, he would not be hungry for several days. Higdon took one of the pills. Could the being, seeing that Higdon was hunting for food, assumed that he was hungry? The humanoid then pointed at the hunter, and he was immediately enclosed in a transparent covering, and had a helmet on.

A Distant Planet:
He then saw two more alien beings, and five elk that Higdon had been hunting earlier in the day. The elk showed no signs of life-they appeared to be frozen in their tracks. Higdon was told that the aliens had traveled the distance of 163,000 light years, arriving in a flash. Suddenly, all of them, including Higdon were at the alien planet. The planet looked very modernistic, with buildings that Higdon said looked like the Seattle Space Needle. The planet's sun was of great intensity, which hurt his eyes. The next thing the hunter knew, he was back in Medicine Bow Park.

Pickup Truck Relocated:
Over two hours had passed since Higdon had first seen the alien. When he arrived back at his original location, he felt cold and disoriented. At first, he could not locate his pick-up truck, finally finding it three miles from its original location. It was stuck in the mud. He called for help on his CB radio. Soon, the local sheriff arrived, and could easily see that Higdon was in a state of hysteria, and was exhausted. Higdon began to shout, "They took my elk!" Higdon was taken to a local hospital.

Investigation Conducted:
A most unbelievable thing had occurred. According to hospital records, the tuberculosis scars on his lungs were now gone. Investigation into the case brought out the fact that Higdon's wife, along with two other people, had seen a red-green-white flashing light near the area that Higdon was hunting in. Investigators on Higdon's case were Dr. Leo Sprinkle, Professor of Psychology, University of Wyoming, Rick Kenyon, and Robert Nantkes, MUFON field investigators, and Frank Bourke, of the National Star Investigator.

The Real Thing?:
The case of Carl Higdon seems more like a script from a bad science fiction movie, and there is not really enough evidence to confirm such an incredible story. It is interesting, but belongs in the folklore category more than anywhere else.

Source: Joe Capp


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Hiya, I recently posted a thread on the Higdon incident over on ATS. One of the members, Greyer, has posted the video.

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The video link:

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