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World renowned UFO researcher Timothy Good tells BBC WM about the UFO sightings wave gripping Britain, the government's secret liaisons with extraterrestrials and why a real 'Star Wars' might be coming.

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Timothy Good is considered one of the world's leading experts on the UFO phenomenon.

For more than 40 years he has studied the controversial subject, having interviewed thousands of witnesses worldwide, many from military, governmental and scientific backgrounds.

Timothy has written numerous best-selling books on UFO's and aliens - which he calls 'the most highly classified subject on earth' - and has acted as a consultant to several US Congress investigations into the phenomenon.


With UFO fever sweeping Britain, Timothy Good spoke live to BBC WM on Wednesday 9th July 2008.

In highlights, Timothy discussed:

* The explanations behind the current UFO craze sweeping Britain

* The declassification of thousands of government documents relating to UFO's on May 2008 and what this means

* His belief that aliens are here on earth - in bases dotted around the planet - and how world governments have been - and may still be - in liason with them

* How aliens have influenced the genetic makeover of human beings

* How the west has secretly developed advanced weaponry to deal with a possible intergalactic threat

* Famous UFO cases - including Rendlesham Forest

* How the United States and British governments have secretly spent millions of pounds attempting to solve the UFO mystery and that it is 'the most highly classified subject on earth'

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Timothy Good has researched and investigated arguably the West Midlands' most famous UFO case.

UFO over house

Brett Forrest, UFO witness

In 1987, Brett Forrest was followed home by a 'huge triangle shaped object' in Brierley Hill. His mother Barbara witnessed the event, as did several neighbors.

Read about the close encounter and Timothy Good's assessment of it by clicking the link below:

* The Forrest Incident

Timothy Good is next appearing in Birmingham in December 2009 to give a lecture for BUFOG - the Birmingham UFO Group. for more information.

Tim's latest book 'Need to Know: UFO's, The Military, and Intelligence' published Sidgwick and Jackson is available now in all good

Source: BBC - UK

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