Monday, July 14, 2008


HOAX - The following individual uploaded the YouTube so it's probably a hoax since here's another one of his videos.

YouTuber: 9thprotocol


Danielle Lee said...

Very cool!!!

Alien Contactee said...
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Talamaeus said...

I can easily tell this much:

It's some sort of key. Where it's from, I don't know, nor what it's made of. It's obviously a type of artificially made or modified alloy, but that's all I can pick up about it. Well, besides the fact that the metal has been bent and warped by heat. I could see the scorch marks on it.

The one question still remains: is this a hoax or not?

Alien Contactee said...
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Alien Contactee said...

I think it's official. It's a hoax.

The YouTube was uploaded by the same individual that uploaded the following.

YouTuber: 9thprotocol

Clara said...

Definitely NOT extraterrestrial. When they use physical spacecraft, the alloy can't bend, break, melt or otherwise become deformed. This looks like a hunk of very earthly metal found on the floor of someone's welding shop. The manila envelope is also newer; vintage 1989 or later. The tag was a good fake, but fake.

Alien Contactee said...

I thought it looked a lot like pot metal. Then again, I've had old motorcycles with black painted parts for hangers for pegs and such that looked like that too.

That envelope was odd but I thought that the new owner of the item could have put it in there later on.

I'm thoroughly convinced it's a hoax. I'm not questioning that at all because if he really wanted answers he wouldn't be invisible and of course because the one who originally uploaded his YouTube is known hoaxer and even has a brand new Roswell hoax YouTube up from the same day.

I wrote the company (Uni-Syn), which was the yellow box he had laying next to the plastic tool box to see how old the packing was because if it belonged to the deceased and is newer than 10 years then that would have been proof positive for everyone because I doubt his ailing wife would have been working on their cars carburetor over the past 10 years. lol

Lastly, if you look close enough to the tag, it's as if someone purposely burned one of the edges to make it look old. That's how they antique certain kinds of paper - with heat of even fire. Anyway, the burn mark was obviously intentional because it was way to big.

Anonymous said...

Having an authentic piece of metal from the Roswell crash, I would not utilize YouTube to broadcast it to the world. Rather search for a buyer on Ebay. With all that "coincidental" information and the guy acts like he stumped as to what it could be. A-51 for Area 51 was just too much info. If it had any other storage location it would have been more believable. Less is more.