Saturday, July 12, 2008


First is the original Larry King Live from January 2008 and the videos with the radar results follow this set.

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stroker said...

very good. more like this and we will have discloser

BoyintheMachine said...

Great Post!

To stroker:

There's not going to be a 'disclosure'. The government doesn't work like that.

13 Reasons for secrecy:

1.) Technological Advantage
2.) Fear of Mass Panic
3.) Religious Implications
4.) 'The Conquistador Effect' - primitive socieites are destroyed or assimilated when coming into contact with a advanced society.
5.) They're Hostile.
6.) What They Know: What/Who the visitors are (time travelers, A.I. or Machine Intelligences)
7.) What They Don't Know: Again, who they are, want they want, etc.
8.) Slave Theory: We were conquered a long time ago. The government is simply keeping up appearances by pretending we are still in control while catering to our 'Overlords' behind closed doors.
9.) 'Playing Ostritch'- Despite all the evidence and concern for our safety, key people in power may simply be 'Playing Ostrich' via feigning ignorance and straight-up denial.
10.) 'The Lights Are On But No One's Home.' - At one time there may have been a top-secret group of people who was commisioned to handle the UFO phenomena. The group may have been so secretive that the group could have self-destructed with the Governemnt not knowing. Therefore, it's possible that key people in government think such a group exists and behaves as if it does exist, when in fact it does not.
11.) 'Power Corrupts, Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely! - The group commisioned by the government to handle the UFO phenomena succumbed to corruption and abuse of power and now acts w/ complete disregard to goverrnment authority. People close to President Eisenhower believed in such a scenario. According to one man, Eisenhower said about UFOs and the group that is supposed to be looking into it, 'It's not being handled correctley...It's not in the best hands.'(paraphrase)
12.) Scientific/Technological revolution that would upset the balance of power in our Capitalist nation. To sum it up: The wealthy Oil barrens feel threatened by the implications that our visitors aren't using oil/gasoline.
13.) In the early years, several key people 'in the know' died mysteriously or under weird circumstances. Perhaps this is yet another reason not to disclose the truth concerning UFOs as these people might have been 'silenced'.

Alien Contactee said...

This is hard to explain because there are many points to go through in order to get to the main point but I'll do my best.

If the U.S. were to have disclosure I can tell you right now that ET would knock on our door and here's why. But before you read on, I believe that governments will not be responsible for any kind of major disclosure beforehand.

Only we are ready for disclosure, the world is not. We've been conditioned already so sure we'll say, yes we want disclosure because we'll welcome it and not fear it.

You have to be careful in this thought of disclosure though because there are 6,742,329,000 people on this earth and we cannot all think that they are like us. Our numbers are few and theirs are in the 6 billion range.

We'll be somewhat unaffected but the balance of humans that aren't involved with UFOs currently will be in fear if the aliens were to knock on our door. Well the aliens will then knock on that door because they know how dangerous fear is. After all, it's their forte'.

In that bundle of people around the world that just heard via CNN and Fox that the U.S. has stated, yes, there have been UFOs that were most definitely alien spaceships, are you now going to think about the children and the elderly.

The emotional situation will be a psychiatrist’s nightmare and the elderly will be dropping like flies from heart attacks. Religious fanatics that think that the aliens are Satan will be screaming their swill and people who aren't churched who have committed heinous crimes or carry a tremendous guilt over something else they did will be jumping from buildings. There are multitudes of reasons why there should be no disclosure and some of them are the reasons we've never gotten it.

It would be selfish to want disclosure simply because of how it will affect people other than ourselves. I'm not saying that there will be no disclosure because I know that there will be but, it will be when the aliens are ready and not until then.

The only way that the aliens can come in after knocking on that door would be if there was no fear of them. The only way that they can conquer that feat is to come in as the hero. Imagine this for a moment, which is only an example of many thoughts that race through my head.

Hypothetically speaking, the nut over in North Korea decides to let lose with one or more of his nuclear missiles towards Europe or Japan. ET is now visually seen, as plain as day, picking them out of the sky and sending them to the water. That is now the headline on every single paper around the world. That's just one scenario, I've got plenty of ideas as to how they can come in as the hero and everybody would think that they were now the greatest thing since apple pie.

I also know why the government hasn't disclosed UFOs all of these years and the answer to that go all the way back to Truman.

When governments have large decisions to make that affect whole populations in regard to economics in particular, they don't make them on their own. Presidents are not the deciders and instead they bring in professionals in many fields. As far back as Truman and to date, if a certain facet of our government was privy to alien spacecraft, they would have had multitudes of round table discussions on the subject.

Amongst that table you would find military, but more importantly the rest of the chairs would have been taken up by the greatest, most renowned economists, psychologists and psychiatrists in their fields. The psychologists and psychiatrists who were brought into the picture on such issues would have stated their case on behalf of man, in respect to the mental and emotional repercussions if and when a government official takes it upon themselves to speak into a microphone at that infamous podium in CNN's ear. Don't forget the church when you think such things because billions have beliefs that are so fixed that such a statement could destroy them from the inside out. That little bit coming out of the Vatican about two months ago was just one more step in disclosure. It was there for the church to start thinking about the possibilities and it was there for that the Pope’s scientific advisor to say, they're our brothers - in other words, their not your God. So, a little here and a little there and the church's (all kinds, all denominations, all facets) will be conditioned in time as well.

More importantly though, such disclosure could disrupt the economic engine and you cannot stop, let alone slow -the economic engine. Such an event would stop many engines and even if one stops, the world could end up looking like dominoes.

These are just words but if you were to take those words and look at 10 or 20 different people in your place of work and say to yourself, 'what if they found out today'?, you would come up with a similar answer such as mine. I have 1,427,205 of my thoughts of disclosure on a word document so certainly I've but touched the subject. These are the more important points though. I've read every single thing that anyone in Ufology has ever had to say about disclosure as well. I can also say that exo-politics is way out in left field too because there is not going to be any one group or individual involved in the actual disclosure. I'll explain some other time if I have to.

BoyintheMachine said...

Alien Contactee, you make good points.

I don't believe there will be any 'disclosure'. I do believe that we are being slowly conditioned into accepting the reality of extraterrestrial life.

The key thing I find fascinating is this; The visitors want secrecy just as much as the military/govt does. Probably not for the same reasons, though.

clemtorment said...

I hear you, contactee - and you do make excellent points all 'round, but I think there is another possible POV. All of humanity is already facing a fear just as powerful if not more so than the concept of not being alone in the universe. That's the fear of worldwide devastation due to the myriad crisis that now face us. For the first time, there seems to be a global anxiety growing, a palpable, daily anxiety as regards this. We hear ON A DAILY BASIS several news stories, any one of which would stress-out a zen master.

Terrorism, constant brink of World War, global warming, peak oil, viral breakouts, economic disaster, Biblical tsunamis, school shootings, massive mistrust and fear of Big Government and Big Corporate, mass non-pollination due to whatever the hell is going on with the BEES, rising extinction rates, crushing overpopulation, mistrust and fear of the media, a very divided America, health care system in shambles ... the list goes on and on.

I'm just trying to make a point, not be gloomy, but we ARE facing the brink. And I would like to see the "official" psychological data on how government thinks this will effect us over the next five to ten years. We are already addicted to the Armageddon drug - have, in fact, an administration promoting that CONCEPT as their majority religion.

I personally think this disclosure won't amount to much, because I don't think even the brightest or our ruling class and military can comprehend the data. This disclosure will probably be an admission that there IS something out there but we don't know what it is. Then the disclosure will veer suddenly and become a "deepening commitment" to boldly discovering the unknown. Just like the space-race, Star Trek.

And what a clever way to point our faces to the sky, while they dirty deal and make their millions.