Saturday, July 12, 2008


By, Micah A. Hanks

For decades there have been stories circulated which seem to draw parallels between two of the greater extremities of strange phenomena: those having to do with UFOs and space visitors, and those that suggest that many of the strange beings people have reported encounters with over the centuries are members of a vast underground civilization. I’m personally fascinated by the latter, as many readers of The Gralien Report may know from previous articles I’ve done that have dealt with this topic. But where do all these parallels between UFOs and underground "proto-human" races intersect?

The cover of the June 1947 issue of Amazing Stories, featuring “The Shaver Mystery”. Copyright Ziff-Davis Publishing Company.

It has been suggested by a variety of Ufologists, even hinted at in the work of authors like Ivan T. Sanderson, that the “aliens” we hear reports of, with their vast technology and apparent neutrality or outright apathy toward contact and communication with us (I say this to avoid going into “the conspiracy zone” about world governments suppressing alleged contact made during past extraterrestrial visits), may actually reside closer to home than we imagine. Indeed, many believe our “alien visitors” could be Earth’s original inhabitants, and that they have remained here, below ground or below the planet’s seas, for longer than humans have cared to wonder if there may be "life out there".

But where does this notion come from?
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