Friday, March 2, 2012

Gary McKinnon not in the news today, but...........

NASA: We’ve Been Hacked Thousands Of Times Because Of Inadequate IT Infrastructure
Devin Coldewey

Paul Martin, NASA’s Inspector General, gave written testimony in a House committee earlier this week detailing the security threats faced by their IT infrastructure. The thrust of the document is that NASA needs to double down on cybersecurity but, naturally, needs more money to do so.

Their IT budget is $1.5 billion, but of that only $58 million was spent on security. Considering the enormous network of datacenters, laptops, operations centers, and research labs scattered around the world, this may not be nearly enough. As it is, in the last two years NASA has been hacked thousands of times. In one instance, the hackers gained full access to some NASA systems and credentials for 150 employees.

And to think that Gary did this 10 years ago to NASA - online - while on DIAL UP!  Obviously, they've had a security problem for a very long time.

See entire story here at Tech Crunch >>


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Atrueoriginall said...

If you mean, why am I not posting in my blog's because for the last two years I've been stuck with short term temp jobs and still haven't found solid employment so I can't justify spending time in here when I can be out looking for a job. I hope that's what you meant by "what is your blog story".

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