Wednesday, April 21, 2010


onthefence at the Drone Research Teams says that Ted is ready to 
start answering questions and discussing his case.

He is busy with real life for the next few days, but seems excited about
talking. I'm sure he'll keep checking in often anyway.

This was all very sudden so give Ted time to orient himself to
the forum, etc. but in the interim you can go to the following
link to share your thoughts and questions.

Ted Connors thread at the Drone Research Center

5:45 AM, Montgomery, Alabama, near Maxwell AFB

With this concept of an extraterrestrial technology that can neutralize gravity and project holographic-like 3-dimensional images that can record data for whatever unknown reason, here is what happened this week on Monday, June 25th, 2007, 6 miles from Maxwell AFB and its Gunter AFB Annex in Montgomery, Alabama. The eyewitness is a long-time technical specialist in security, educated about infrared frequency technologies and normal human aviation. Because his work is highly sensitive, he has asked that I not use his actual name. So, I will call him Ted Connors.

Ted said that the local Montgomery news media announced last week there would be joint Army/Air Force exercises at Maxwell AFB with lots of planes and helicopters, beginning on Sunday, June 24th, around 8 PM. Ted said the noise was terrible and unrelenting through Monday night, June 25, while he was on duty in his security work that involves 32 infrared cameras. - Source: Linda Moulton Howe


Click this picture above and visit the DRT
forum and talk with Ted Connors.


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