Thursday, February 25, 2010


Original photos from MUFON

WARNING!! One of these two MUFON
pictures are extremely large

21998: Photo 1
21998: Photo 2
MUFON Report: 21998 Nashville, TN

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Anonymous said...

The orb or ball like seen in the picture was something similar if not like what myself and brother saw a few months back outside of Nashville in Smyrna TN.

For a couple of weeks at different nights, but around the same time at about 415-430am silent glowing shape as such was noticed.

Once it went directly over my house and the other 2 instances it was not far into the distance, but close enough to be able to hear if it was a jet...i should know as the Smyrna base is just a few miles away.

Anonymous said...

HEY! I was at my parents house in Smyrna,TN. and seen the same thing. I made a report of it to mufon some time ago as this was 2010. How odd it was also around the same time of the morning. 2 others seen this with me. They moved in a odd matter and with great speed. We have seen these a few times now always around the same time between 3-4 am. In the Bent Tree neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

In 1972-1973 when I was a child, we lived on an old military base which had closed down in Smyrna, Tn. They were renting the homes on the base to civilian families and we were one of those families. One day we had gone to get milk from the store. As we were returning home, my mother noticed a silver ufo in the sky. The size was at least the size of 3 jet liners. Once we arrived home, there was a huge blue ball of light above our neighborhood. Everyone came out of their homes to see it. The light was enormous. After the ball of light had been observed for at least an hour, the color began to fade. Once that occurred, you could see 2 crafts. There was a small one, then a large one. The small one flew into the large one and then the large one zoomed off. I have no idea what this was that we all saw, but it was viewed for miles around by many people. I will never forget this experience. I hope one day I can find out what it was.

Unknown said...

I have only seen a UFO once.It was in summer 2010, in downtown Nashville,Tn.I lived on North 1st a apartment complex. My son came in screaming "moma,moma,moma,bring your smartphone!!!" I went about 50 feet to the parking lot and I looked straight up and saw what my son was screaming about. It was two triangular shaped objects hovering together. What I remember the most was that one was going around a stationary craft in the center. I knew it was something I have never seen before. I tried to record it on my phone's camera but it wouldn't record what I was seeing! I was satisfied with my conclusion that it was alien when one of them shot STRAIGHT UP in the air and disappeared! I'm no longer in doubt! This is the first time telling this story.Thank you!...Sandy (commercial/graphic artist)