Sunday, January 17, 2010


Richard Dolan states, "Those of you who know me well are aware that I don't like to "jump-the-gun" when announcing information to you."

However, with the launch of the First Contact TV fan page on Facebook and You Tube, along with rumors already making the rounds, well, I think it's time to tell you that -- yes -- I am involved in a television project. The fact is, we are seriously involved in talking with various networks about carrying us. I know for certain that it is generating a great deal of interest.

The interest expressed by all of you since we first rolled out information less than two weeks ago, and the support we have received from a quick-growing fan list has been extraordinary. I promise to keep all of you posted on our progress. Our goal now is to get that greenlight, and get back on the road in search of the truth! Thanks for extending your wishes for our success. I speak for the entire First Contact team when I say it means a lot knowing you are behind us!

Take UFO Hunters, but add a reality spin - like Ghost Hunters and Destination Truth. The series follows a "real-life" team of UFO investigators led by researcher and historian Rich Dolan as they travel to locations around the country -- chasing their hottest leads -- the latest and greatest UFO cases.

The team also includes photojournalist Jaime Windon, paranormal investigator Michael "Lucky" Lukowiak and UFO investigator Rob Simone. The group is thrown together into an RV with the challenge of getting to the bottom of the UFO phenomenon. Many of the sightings are from witnesses "under the radar" who are coming forward for the first time - cases you won't find on the MUFON or NUFORC sites.

In one of the episodes, the team investigates several "youtube" UFO videos. I personally can't wait to see that one. Know some of you are thinking the same...

Read about the show here.

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Guvna said...

Sounds like it might be good. Hopefully they won't be staging any evidence like MysteryQuest did.