Thursday, January 21, 2010


This is going to become the most important film I've ever made because it contains all the evidence I never released and new evidence that has been submitted through the Rods Memberships at Had it not been for their continued support and uploads, most of the new footage would not be included in the new film!

A lot of the "insect theorists" who have continuously assaulted me, my family name "calling us scammers and liars" and the Rods phenomenon as being nothing but camera artifacts are going to have the toughest time admitting they were wrong all along.

True, they did come up with a way to try and dismiss the Rods, but as with all debunkers and skeptics who ridicule people, what they have always failed to do is "prove" that Rods don't exist.

The producers of "MonsterQuest" and "Proof Positive" didn't do the job they should have done in investigating the Rods. Instead they chose to debunk them.

This is why I have maintained a solid foundation with the Rods in that "I know they are real" and I have seen them with my own eyes!

I am doing my best to allocate the footage of Tiger Woods on CBS and other high speed photography films where his golf swing was filmed at 5000 frames per second, 24p (no interlaced video).

When he hits the ball in super slow motion, the ball takes off at about 140 mph, it is perfectly in focus, (no motion blur), and then across the top of Tiger's head, a white Rod passes through the scene and is traveling fast enough to almost catch up to the golf ball as it went off frame.

I don't know why RODS have an affinity for Tiger Woods, but perhaps one of you out there may have recorded these high speed cam shots between August 2006 and currently.

Or better yet, perhaps one of you knows Tiger or have a way of contacting him about this. My film Roswell Rods will put an end to the "insect theories" as being the only answer to these mysterious creatures and I can assure you that.

BUT the Tiger Woods footage would be just as valid as if we had captured an actual specimen.

So fellow ROD Investigators, check your videos, photos and let's make this film together! Contact me if you want to send me your clips and pix.

Right now I am funding this myself but contributions will help. Go here to find out how you can help. TBLN FILMS

Sincerely - Jose Escamilla - The RODMan

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Philosopher's Mess said...

Are you aware of the youtube chanel seeingufosinPA, some of her videos have thing like this.

My question is when I see things like this, is what exactly could be the physical make-up of these types of things? And what would be there purpose?

I also don't know enough about motion photography, and I am sure this is what the debunkers would say, and I don't necessarily agree, but couldn't these things be a product of the photographic process? Don't know how or why they don't appear in more film.