Sunday, December 20, 2009


The Kremlin has been circled by a UFO - well, that's if you believe a video which has soared to the top of YouTube's Russian website. The pictures apparently shot from a passing car have become an online sensation. Another YouTube clip filmed during daylight shows a fuzzy Grey object on the skyline near Red Square. Skeptics however say that if the images were for real, the public would have reported sightings to police - who are making no comment. - Russian Television

Object in question looks like a reflection from within the vehicle. Nobody got too awful excited as if they already knew that someone was going to produce a hoax based on seeing that reflection coming from the vehicle prior to filming it. There are many other reflections in this video as well but nobody commented on them, which makes me wonder why. More importantly, at the 16 second mark, the vehicle changes direction somewhat but the camera is still rolling and that same area to the left of the Kremlin is a pure black sky with no images whatsoever, not even reflections.

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purrlgurrl said...

As someone noted on another site that posted these videos, like the Norway spiral if this were a real event there would be numerous videos of it (and major news stories) not just two Web-posted videos. This is a well-populated area day and night.