Friday, September 11, 2009


This is the start of a quite exciting night. I thought I would try and capture some UFOs on video a lot earlier than I usually do. As I observed the UFO something caught our eye moving at night speed across the top of the screen and I did not think anything of it until I reviewed the video and what you will see in a later video may have some significance. Judge for yourself but I have had a crazy night and captured on video some really good and unusual stuff. I could not believe my luck tonight as I was saying to my wife things have been quite slow and not much exciting stuff has been happening, boy was I wrong tonight!

10-09-09 @ 8.30pm UFO and a triangle

I was panning the sky when I saw a triangle UFO and managed to video it before it went out of view - very fast.

10-09-09 @ 9.35pm triangle UFO

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