Wednesday, September 30, 2009


The power issues with the supernatural have on people is extraordinary. The latest example is a video that has come to the drafting of Terra Noticias, together with an anonymous note in which the sender says the fear he felt when he spotted a UFO from his boat.

While questioning the credibility of the images, since the absence of data we could not collect more information, the video is worthy of being published by the impact and creating curiosity aroused by the possible existence of UFOs in Spain.

The most impressive image of the video, which is engraved the most stylish 'Rec' or 'Blair Witch' is not only, obviously, the supposed UFO that crashes into the sea, but also the emergence of 'fighters' and wonder of surprising fishermen for persecution.

The Galician fisherman has decided to make public what, they said, lived and experienced while on his boat. While some apparent military aircraft chasing a 'foreign object' that hits the sea and made a spectacular dive, provenance unknown helicopter flies over the boat and ordered the fishermen to hurry to get away from the place where they are. 'Leave the area immediately, please contact the port. They receive instructions ... 'are the words to the fishing.

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