Wednesday, July 22, 2009



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michaelj said...

thats incredible. the dorothy story from vancouver canada.
so i can go visit her and see this? i think the lights we see are
the perimiter of the ship. and we can see it clearly. i believe this
ship is using a cloaking device, that makes it invisible except for the
lights. the electrical burts are a kind of electromagnetic current from
the operation of the craft, like a computer that we humans have, has
super short electrical bursts. in one shot of the still shot that she captured we see the left side
of teh craft withouthe cloaking device, and that is teh same as the thing the guy commissioned to have drawn
of what we saw that day. that was without the cloaking device set to on, so it was set to off

this is just hypothetical, and I am getting a little creative with my ideas, but it makes sense to me.
I have been studying ufos for a few years now, ever since 2007 when I met ashley, and it is
really interesting. to think of the unbelievable size of our planet and all the corners where people
live, and there are people that have seen disc shaped vehicles hoveing, and flying about, why, now why can you
tell me, are they all or mostly disc shape. ufos are real and they are usually the disc shape, and they
are investigating our planet , and they like the things they see, for the most part, aside from the violent movies
I guess. Probably they can look into living rooms and see the violent movies by the way