Thursday, July 16, 2009


I noticed what I thought was a star in the sky. My balcony faces the north, the object was seen to the northeast. The object seemed to be too bright to be a star, and also too low in the sky.

It didn't seem to be moving though, so I was content to believe it was a star. Then I saw intermittent flashes of light that were very bright and were not strobes.

I decided to film it at this point, as soon as I started to film the object it started to move. It seemed to go up and to the right, growing dimmer as it went.

It grew so dim that you couldn't see it anymore, then suddenly it lit back up to a very bright state.

At first I thought the object was fading off into the horizon, but that was not the case, as it had become so bright again. The motion was slow and smooth, it didn't make any quick movements.

After moving up and to the right for 10 minutes it then reversed the path of its motion and started moving down and to the left. I observed the object for 30 minutes, when I went to sleep it was still there in the sky.

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