Monday, June 1, 2009


KARACHI – A video of the burnt body of a four-inch “alien” has been circulating on the Internet.

A news report on Al-Jazeera explained that children in Lahore, Pakistan found the alien walking around and stoned it to death in fear, and subsequently set it on fire.

The children have confessed to simply burning a toy and creating the hoax.


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aNGeLiC.aLia said...

Where is the proof that the kids confessed about the burning of a toy? If it was true there should have been a video of that as well. Otherwise we won't believe although we don't fully believe the alien video yet as well since we never saw it alive.

Atrueoriginall said...

It was in their local newspaper. I posted the article to my Alien,UFO Paranormal blog but I don't know which day.

It's a rubber alien toy. You can see the little snip from the top of the head all the way down it from the mold it was created in. Look at this picture.

And, a little simple logic would tell anyone that the parents of those kids would be cashing in at the bank if they really had something such as mentioned. Archaeologists would have jumped on it like a fly on - well, you know.

If it was biological, simply from cutting it open one would discover that but - nope, nothing from CNN or any of the big mainstream media circus about a Pakistani family's find of the century and going from poverty to riches over night.

Here's one you can buy at your local Toys R Us and melt for yourself. It also comes in a Princess Leia

I'm just being silly :)