Friday, May 29, 2009


Bright UFO flys over my head. This is one of the best UFO sightings I have ever had. I was outside watching a lighting storm coming without my camera and I saw the UFO come over the mountain line so I ran inside and got my camera and went back out and it was gone. I waited for 2 minutes and it reappeared over my head moving south to south west with no sound and it did not blink at all. The UFO was shining threw the clouds haze and then it disappeared into the distance. This is very incredible footage. I would also like to add that it came from the part of the sky were the lighting was and hours latter we go the lighting storm. I concluded that maybe it was using the lighting for power or it was observing the lighting storm, ether way it was awesome and my blood was pumping and it was really bright and low.

Brightness enhanced version

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Unknown said...

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