Saturday, March 7, 2009


By Anthony Bragalia

A firefighter who was with the Roswell Fire Department in 1947 has confirmed that the mysterious crash in the New Mexico desert that Summer was in fact of an unearthly craft!

The firefighter, now age 90, related stunning information to this author in a lengthy interview conducted recently. Respected Roswell author Kevin Randle also talked with the involved fireman to confirm the details of his story.

Some time ago I located the son of Rue Chrisman. Rue was the Fire Chief for the Roswell Fire Department in 1947, passing in 1981 at age 98. Chrisman's son explained to me that he knew that the town's Fire Department was somehow involved in the crash event. But the son was sparse in his conversation, not really wishing to elaborate. When pressed, the son said, "It did happen. There was a big coverup. The crash was real." I asked him how he knew of this, he paused and said, "I knew too many who knew."

I then asked him if any Roswell Firemen from 1947 are still alive. He replied that there was still "one left." He only mentioned the surviving fireman's surname as "Smith" and that one of his family members attends the same church as the involved fireman. Working with Kevin Randle, we identified and located the elderly gentleman and sought his testimony.

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As well, Asheville's own ghost-buster, Joshua P. Warren, will put on quite a show later this month at AB-Tech. Warren will present debris presented to him (also mentioned below in Joe Capp's article) by someone claiming that it's debris from a crashed UFO near Roswell, New Mexico.

UFO Crash Debris Jumps in Electrostatic Field

UFO Crash Debris / Magic Wand Effect in Electrostatic Field

See Joshua P. Warren's article here

Also, on the subject of Roswell debris, the following took place at the UFO Congress in February.

"Has Roswell Proof Finally Emerged?"

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