Thursday, February 12, 2009


Babelfish Translation: The video of the identified flying object presented by the TV Gazette of the Acre does not start to be a very significant evidence of phenomenon OVNI, and this if must for the happiness of the camera Jailson Fernandez make a filming with the moon serving of control point for the presented phenomenon. It does not have the lesser possibility of the object to be a satellite because these if move straight-line. The time of permanence of a satellite in the sky does not pass of five the eight minutes, and the object in question was in the sky for more than two hours. Satellites also do not radiate red and blue lights. The film presented for the Alert Gazette does not have no indication of fraud, therefore the object in question is not a star, is not an airplane, is not a satellite, is not a balloon, is not one astro, therefore until if it clarifies this mystery, the CUB classifies the object as a real OVNI. One is about as better register in film of a OVNI in Brazil, the first one was made by the Mickson in São Paulo in 1986. The happiness of the camera Jailson Fernandez was enormous and of great value for the ufologia, therefore this not only obtained to catch the moon as control point, as well as a star.

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