Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I think that the reason that Mexico is notorious for hoaxing these days because they're all trying to get on Jaime Mausson's television show. Just ask MUFON. I think they know more than they let us know on UFOs Over Earth - Mexico.

The last time Fabela did this UFO he did it with a helicopter. The UFO in this one looks just like the UFO in the helicopter video except with an airplane. Why is the focus always on a UFO and 'something else'?.

Besides that, there are a few too many UFOs suddenly appearing in Tamaulipas, which tells me Fabela is hoaxing. Mexico is notorious for hoaxing these days.

Unknown Object Videtaped with Plane in Mexico
December, 25, 2008

UFO over the Rio Bravo Tamaulipas Mexico
October 27, 2008

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