Sunday, January 11, 2009


Comments will greatly be appreciated on this one. Only serious comments will fly.

YouTuber states: I recently filmed this two days ago (January 8, 2008) in Pasadena, California around 4 to 5 pm while facing west. I saw it hovering around and I went to get my camera and started filming. The next thing I saw fully astonished my eyes because I knew that this thing was not a plane or star or anything in the sky or beyond so I did some research to find that someone else in Russia had filmed the same thing back in June. It lasted an hour and a half to two hours.

Camera: Panasonic PV-GS400
Features 12x optical zoom with optical stabilizer.
700x digital zoom Allows manual controls over these features: Focus, exposure, shutter speed, aperture, white balance, mic sensitivity
Leica Dicomar lens
Tape Format: MiniDV
Still Photo Resolution: 2288 x 1728 pixels

Pasadena, California - Part 1
Pasadena, California - Part 2
Pasadena, California - Part 3

lakiask8er's channel

Russian version of similar diamond shaped UFO

epiqsty's channel

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Unknown said...

It's a star filmed with the focus the wrong way.The reason for the shape is because that's the shape of your cameras aperture.

Atrueoriginall said...

depcont, a link with further and accurate explanation would be really be required in order to make that statement. Do you have a suggestion?

CenturySon said...

depcont refers to the effect created by the internal aperture that creates a diamond shape when focused on a distant light source such as a star in the late afternoon or twilight sky. Not all cameras have the same type of internal aperture so this doesn't occur with all video recorders. No photo bug has bothered to create a website devoted to explaining this common effect but a google search will find numerous references. This example is from a website that mentions the effect in relation to video of UFOs:


Unknown said...

Depcont is correct. Out-of-focus point lights are called "bokeh" and they have the same shape as the camera aperture diaphragm:

This article has one example of the diamond-shaped bokeh. They are produced by cameras that have the simplest possible diaphragm, which is two blades with V-shaped notches forming a diamond:

Atrueoriginall said...

Roger, you find that diamond shape and an object inside of it. I did a 'find' on that Wiki page and the word diamond never appeared. We're all familiar with orbs from photos but we're looking for a diamond with an object inside that appears to change shape within.

Atrueoriginall said...

For that matter, I read this previously to posting the videos.

"Interestingly, some video cameras have diamond-shaped or other odd-shaped diaphragms and can give dust or flare a diamond or odd-shaped appearance. I have seen many videos of purported UFOs with a flattened diamond shape that are obviously diaphragm images. Auto-focusing lenses are notorious for producing these images as they "hunt" back and forth trying to lock focus on a distant object. The flattened diamond shape really makes the object (often the sun, a star, or an aircraft) appear to have a "flying saucer" shape, although the points of the diamond never change their orientation (that's the tipoff)."

But find one with an object inside that appears to be moving and changing shape.

Atrueoriginall said...

Oh almost forgot, we're looking for the multi colors too.

We even checked out Iridium Flare from satellites and that didn't happen either.

Unknown said...

The spot in the middle is likely the unresolved light source. Given your description (in the west at 5 PM for up to 2 hours), I suspect that it was Venus. The shot was taken using "digital zoom," which simply enlarges the pixels -- it cannot add any details that aren't in the original pixels -- which also enlarges any imaging artifacts and color fringing.

You should be able to confirm or deny all of this by testing with a shot of Venus tonight.

James Starlight, PhD said...

Is it possible, I mean really possible, that alien life could be a new dimensional projection of human life after death? Or is it possible that aliens, like humans, have spirits that live on after death and are able to travel beyond light speed to our planet?


Atrueoriginall said...

You have a PhD and you're asking us that? :)

Nobody but an experiencer could ever tell you one way or the other. Even then, you cannot base a belief on it certainly and can only file it away as a possibility. Even I don't believe anything I read unless it's been tested or observed and by observed I mean by myself. I keep my sanity that way where as the majority seem to go out into left field due to too much entrenchment on the subject(s).

Anyway, I am an experiencer (multiple abductee) so I can speak for only my own personal experiences, which are yes, they dwell just the like dead do. This is ongoing with me still today. I have both kinds of visitors, human and alien. It's supposedly a rule that a human must be present when they are, which is why I have humans too. Is it true? Hell if I know. That's just some of the crap they feed me and it's not going to matter anyway so I saved it to memory for what it's worth.

But, as far as travel goes and living in the spirit in able to travel beyond light speed, I wouldn't have a clue except for the possibilities considering their obvious age.

One thing I do understand from them though (again, it's just words) is that they have the ability to change bodies at will so obviously they would also have the ability to upload and download memory. Something very Sci Fi but some in science find it quite possible someday. I know pretty soon we'll be able to see our actual dreams on film after they're recorded. There's a great article on it in Universe Today or Daily Galaxy from last week.

After that, I imagine (because I don't know) that they would set a course and hope for the best and put it on auto pilot. lol

They're aliens, they do not make rash decisions, judgments or mistakes such as that so someone would have to be piloting. Piloting in the spirit in lieu of destroying their body? Maybe but again we're talking SciFi.

I think that's where the idea of a mother ship probably came from. Fewer pilots, more sleepers for the enormously long journey.

I could speak volumes on this but I'll shut up now. :)

Atrueoriginall said...

James: This one's for you. I thought about it after posting. You'll get a kick out of it. Open the following in the order they're in.

First, this is a small picture of a simple, plain ole orb in the sky
Open First
This is the orb after enlargement, enhancement and filtered (cleaned up.)
Open Second
That was eerie, wasn't it? Looks like a 'being' riding something. I giggle because it looks like he has a helmet on.
This one is what it looked liked before it was filtered
Open Third
This next one is even trippier. I gave it to a photog guy I know and he cut through the camouflage using wavelet algorithm & edge extraction. He also uses the IRIS astronomy package enhancements and GIMP edge detection.
Open Fourth
What you're seeing here is the color around the object.

It may be a stretch to say it's alien but who's to say? If they're as old as most think, their technology would be so unfathomable we wouldn't even begin to understand let alone comprehend some of it. Let's just say probably no more than someone living in BC could comprehend the action of a cell phone let alone think about the possibility of such.

So who's to say what their capabilities are in regard to space travel? Nobody, not even a skeptic.

Atrueoriginall said...

I forgot to include the original jpgs that were supplied to MUFON by the witness. Here they are below if you wish to check the EXIF data.

#1 Original picture with EXIF data accessible
#2 Original picture with EXIF data accessible

Autumn_Sky said...

That was filmed over the Chicopee, Massachusetts area. It's somewhat similar to these diamond shaped objects.

I don't know what to make of any of these, but they're interesting.