Monday, January 19, 2009


Every single morning I click on the tag 'UFO' in YouTube asking for the last 24 hours worth of videos. During the first and the middle of the month I found nothing worthy of posting. There's been just a few but questionable. Look at the digits of meteors in the first part and middle of the month. Sure, we get meteors on a regular basis but the numbers have increased for January.

The following may explain why UFO sightings (legitimate ones) have subsided.

Simply stated, it's probably because an alien's mother didn't raise no dummy.

Numbers of meteors visible on these dates

Jan 1 - (27)
Jan 2 - (28)
Jan 3 - (107)
Jan 3, 4 - (51)
Jan 5, 6,7 - (22)
Jan 7, 8, 9, 10 - (12 to 20 per night)
Jan 10, 11 - (12)
Jan 11, 12 - (12)
Jan 12, 13 - (12)
Jan 13, 14 - (28)
Jan 14, 15, 16 - (59)
Jan 16, 17 - (39)

I don't care how strong an alien spacecraft could be, none
of them would want to contend with what you see here.
January 3, 2009

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Dec 31/ Jan 1 Meteors

Jan 1/2 Meteors and the Quadrantids

Jan 2/3 Meteors and a Great Quadrantid Display

Jan 4/5 Meteors

Jan 5/6/7 Meteors

Jan 7/8/9/10 Meteors and a Big Full Moon

Jan 10/11 Meteors

Jan 11/12 Meteors

Jan 12/13 Meteors

Jan 13/14 Meteors

Jan 14/15/16 Meteors

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Joseph Capp said...

Dear AC
I agree, along with the weather condition where people don't stay out much you have the makings for less sightings. Meteors may matter more then we think. I don't think they travel though space time. I think it is almost impossible to travel at the speed of light in our space-time. Even micro meteors at that speed would destroy anything we could even think of. So traveling outside of space-time would be a way to circumvent those dangers when traveling near high speeds.. So a meteor hitting their ships would be dangerous. they probably have a way to track them but nothing is perfect. Also they may be protected sometimes when they travel in our atmosphere so a hit may be a real problem.
Thanks for an interesting piece.
Joe Capp
UFO Media Matters
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Atrueoriginall said...

Yea, I like simple logic. I just know that when I surf YouTube daily and then suddenly notice very big differences, somethings amiss.

And, they're not idiots.

Due to the loss of UFO sightings though there have been an abundance of meteors, lanterns and hoaxes. :)