Wednesday, January 7, 2009


We cannot accept every UFO sighting to be just that. If we did we would be exactly what the media and science thinks we are, which would be a jar of nuts. Consequently, if I smell a hoax I'll always state so, which is not very often since typically I simply refuse to post them.

This one is different though because the YouTuber refuses to post the comments from those who are trying to state how he hoaxed this UFO. He used the squares from .09 second mark and took the triangular patches and overlaid video on top of them. Furthermore, in viewing his other YouTubes they all seemed to be a repeat of each other in a big sense except they'll have the same identical UFO flying from right to left and then in the next video left to right.

Silence and/or avoiding people is an indicator that something is amiss. It reminds me of Hall of Shamer Dr. Reed who only allows positive comments on his videos since he's solely in the business of making a buck.

Any YouTuber that is not willing to take ALL comments is considered a hoaxer in my book. Either that or they have uploaded someone else's YouTubes and don't want to hear about it.

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