Wednesday, January 28, 2009



I do not understand the language however I believe that the following drawing was part of what was given up in Denmark's disclosure today.


After posting the above, I received the following, which comes from Joe Capp at UFO Media Matters. Joe thinks this may pertain to this particular disclosure item, which he says was originally classified.

SMALL MEN IN FLYING SAUCERS I think that is about this case and it was classified. It occurred at 0430 AM on a summer morning in 1982. The boy was bicycling on his way to a summer job at nursery when he noticed a very bright object about 50-60 meters into a field. He got off his bike and approached the object, perplexed by the unusual phenomenon.

The object was a classic saucer-on-saucer configuration, about 2 meters in height and 2 meters in diameter. There were no obvious surface features except what looked like a hatch on one side. 10-15 meters from the object the boy saw 5 small beings, humanoid but no taller than 60 cm and with a large head and chest and small hips and legs - Joe Capp

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Anonymous said...

I can confirm that the drawing is from an encounter with a 15 year old boy and a UFO/aliens. I found an article which re-affirmed this (although it does not go into as much detail, as here).The article is on my blog post, but i've lost the link for it (sorry)...and i'm also late for bed...hope this helps?