Friday, December 12, 2008


In 2000, historian Richard Dolan published a 500-page study, UFO's and the National Security State. The first of two volumes that explore the national security dimensions of the UFO phenomena. The book includes records from more than fifty military bases relating to violations of sensitive airspace by unknown objects, demonstrating that the U.S. military has taken UFO's very seriously indeed. Apollo 14 astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell called Dolans book monumental—and Dolans presentation at MUFON LA will be equally impressive.

Dolan believes recovered alien technology is in the possession of powerful private multinational interests, who may also be pulling the strings of the U.S. government and other governments across the world. He speculates that former President George H. W. Bush may have knowledge about UFO's. However, he believes the responsibility for the UFO problem was formally removed from the Office of the President in 1969. According to Dolan, multinational corporations have subverted our traditional constitutional government in order to protect the knowledge that they have acquired about UFO's and alien technology. Such technology includes fiber optics, lasers and integrated circuit chips.

Dolans presentation covers media control and self-censorship of information about UFO's; governmental black budget spending; and a summary of how elaborate cover-stories about UFOs have been maintained for so long.

Dolan has appeared on numerous television documentaries for the History Channel, Sci-Fi Channel, as well as the BBC and European networks. He appears regularly on radio stations throughout the U.S., including Coast to Coast. In 2006, he hosted a six-episode series, Sci-Fi Investigates, produced by NBC for the Sci-Fi Channel. Dolan has published numerous articles on anomalous phenomena, science and the intelligence community.

Richard Dolan holds an MA in History from the University of Rochester and a Certificate in Political Theory from Oxford University. Prior to his interest in anomalous phenomena, Dolan studied U.S. Cold War strategy, Soviet history, and international diplomacy. He is currently busy researching and writing the second volume of UFO's and the National Security State.

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