Saturday, December 6, 2008


August 30, 2003 in Monterey Park, CA, residents saw a red shimmering light in the southern skies overnight, only they believed it wasn't the planet Mars but a UFO. Monterey Park police received a couple of calls about an unidentified flying object, as did local television stations and nearby Montebello police, which also fielded about a dozen calls about the same time last week.

The flickering, saucer-shaped light hovered and zigzagged from the southwest to the northwest, said resident Irma Corza, who saw the first UFO about 10:30 last night with other family members. The first light made a flash and disappeared, but then another object showed up, and then a third around 11p.m., she said. That object, she said, was flat and red and shimmered in the night sky, which is not unlike how astronomers have described the planet Mars, which is the closest to Earth that it has been in thousands of years. But Corza noted that planets don't zigzag.

She said they watched the UFO through a telescope and captured it on video. "It's the most amazing thing," Corza said of the image she captured with her video camera. "It looked like a," she paused, "saucer, and it's just turning and turning. It goes brighter and then it fades a little and then it gets brighter again." "in the frame it's just moving, zigzagging, moving in a circle. It comes toward the video camera and then pulls away. Then it gets really bright and disappears." When asked what she thought it might be, she said "a UFO." She said the first object was in the sky for about 20 minutes and the last one for about 30 minutes.

She said about seven members of her family plus two neighbors saw the UFO, as did a friend from San Gabriel who also shot video of the object. She said it looked like a coin on its side spinning around, while her friend said he saw something flying beneath it. Monterey Park police got two calls about a light in the sky, said Monterey Park police Sgt. Pete Pigulsawas. The callers said they saw a red marking glow in the sky, he said. The dispatchers who received the two calls "went out to look and saw nothing in the sky," he said, so no police were dispatched.

KCAL9 also got about 10 calls regarding a UFO from the Montebello area the same time last weekend, said the station's Ernest Kung. Montebello police also received a couple of calls about an odd light in the sky last night, plus 8-10 calls about the same time last week, said Lt. Greg Wilsey. He said a couple of Montebello officers responding to the reports last weekend looked up in the sky and saw a red light that moved "straight up and faded away." "They had absolutely no idea what it was," he said.

CNN Television reported on Labor Day that three UFOs were videotaped last night on September 1, 2003, over Los Angeles. They were described as lights in the sky, but the tape was not shown. Philadelphia Channel 3 News carried a short clip of the sighting and claimed the UFO flew for several hours over Los Angeles.

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