Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I just tripped over an interesting website owned by photographer Jaime Windom, aka: The Blonde Photographer.

Jaime happened to mention the following in her website, which I think you'll find very interesting.

"Two weeks ago I joined up with a very talented (not to mention fun!) crew filming in DC. They are producing the pilot for a new series called UFO America: First Contact. It’s a reality show that investigates UFO sightings, and it’s being pitched to the Sci Fi Channel! My amazing friend Andrea Chesney invited me to be part of the team while they shot the segment here on capitol hill. For a change I was on the other side of the camera, one of the cast - a cameo role if you will - a photographer providing insight and professional opinion on some of the recorded anomalies that were being investigated.

Led by the awesome John D’Auria, we braved freezing temperatures and brisk winds to film outside in front of the capitol. It was the coldest night ever, but I had a great time and I learned so much! I am truly fascinated by UFO theories/sightings/research and it was very interesting to be in the presence of some of the most renowned researchers in the field. Their passion and enthusiasm for the project was infectious and I can’t wait to see the final results!

Above, very familiar UFO Researcher Peter Robbins

The video below is the trailer that accompanied her website.

The following comment accompanied the actual YouTube.

The UFO America team travels to Washington D.C. to meet with former Air Force One engineer, Wilbur Allen who claims to have photographed UFOs flying over the US Capitol Building on July 16, 2002. An investigation conducted by the Capitol Police and a report made by Renny Rogers, another D.C. resident claiming he witnessed two F-16s chasing a UFO within days of Wilbur's sighting, add to the mystery. A nighttime reenactment is conducted by the team at the capitol to recreate Wilbur Allen's photographs. Video footage of ground and air traffic is also captured for analysis.

The case becomes more intriguing with its uncanny connection to a historic UFO event which took place exactly fifty years earlier. On the night of July 19, 1952 the phones in the Pentagon rang nonstop with reports of flying saucers hovering over the U.S. Capitol. The objects, witnessed by pilots in the area, were tracked for hours by both military and commercial radar personnel. Howard Cocklin was in charge of the control tower at Washington International Airport that night to witness the events first hand. Now at age 82, Howard is ready to share his personal account of the UFO encounter that made newspaper headlines around the world. UFO America also uncovers a little known story about Secretary of State Cordell Hull showing his cousin Rev. T. H. Holt alien bodies in the basement of the Capitol.

I for one would certainly like to see something a lot different than the UFO Hunters. Consequently, I'm going to ask the bloggers to pick this up if you wish. Just drag that ole cursor over it and copy/paste. Let's see if our numbers can interest Sci Fi in a new UFO program.

Source: Jaime Windon's Website

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Manbird12000 said...

Visual effects guy here, remember me? Just saw this page as I googled UFO America. You were awesome in D.C. You fitted in with the team perfectly.

Here's to us, as we go on this new voyage!!
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