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The true story of Whitley Streiber who is a struggling writer in upstate New York, with a nice wife and son, living a pretty normal slice of American life in a cabin in the woods. When friends come to stay for the weekend, something happens that confuses and upsets the visitors, as it does Whitley himself. Very bright lights can be seen through the windows, and Whitley seems sure he saw faces inside the house that could not be human. The guests are so upset they leave early, but Whitley by now has pretty much convinced himself that it was a dream and there is a perfectly good explanation for the lights. Dreams haunt him, however, and he feels his world and his grip on sanity challenged as he comes to believe that something really did happen both on that night and a later evening. Finally he seeks a psychiatrist, and under hypnosis he has a truly chilling tale to tell.

Whitley Streiber just wrote the following a short while back about the anniversary date of this event in his life, so I thought I would include it with the videos.

Friday December 12th, 2008 - By Whiteley Streiber
It is late here, midnight passing. December has come again, and for the past few months I have been enduring the same demonic nights that I experience every year at this time, as my spirit relives the hard pilgrimage that led to the night of December 26, 1985.

The feelings are so complex, the fears so deep and the love, too, so deep, that sometimes, even after all these years,the whole emotional avalanche of having the visitors emerge into my life threatens to drown me.

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Communion (1989) Full Movie - Part 1

Communion (1989) Full Movie - Part 2

Communion (1989) Full Movie - Part 3

Communion (1989) Full Movie - Part 4

Communion (1989) Full Movie - Part 5

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Whitley Strieber is the bestselling author of The Wolfen and The Hunger, both of which were made into successful films. His later books, the #1 New York Times bestsellers Communion: A True Story; Transformation: The Breakthrough; and Breakthrough: The Next Step detail his personal encounters with extraterrestrial intelligence. He also examined the famous Roswell incident in his science fiction novel Majestic, co-wrote The Coming Global Superstorm with Art Bell, and currently hosts the Internet-based radio show Dreamland.

Whitley Strieber discussed his encounters with the 'Visitors' which he mined for his new book The Grays. His experiences strongly suggest to him that the visitors are coming to us from another dimension rather than somewhere out in the stars, or if they are from another planet they may use methods of dimensional travel.

Touching the skin of these beings can sometimes lead to an allergic reaction, he noted, and though they have spindly frames they can be incredibly strong. He described one instance where one of the creatures jumped on his back and was able to hold him down with an iron grip.

While the Grays may not be that far ahead of us technologically, they do exhibit abilities in using invisibility and manipulating gravity, he reported. Strieber said he is interesting in seeing human beings become an active partner in their relationship with the visitors-- to be empowered, so that we can glean something from our interactions with them. He does not believe abductees are chosen at random and detailed that family lines are often followed, and that there is a higher number of Celts and American Indians involved.

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purrlgurrl said...

I thought this film was never released for home viewing, or at least that's what Netflix told me. If that's true, however did you get this? From Strieber himself?

Atrueoriginall said...

It just came on YouTube 16 hours ago. I have a feeling that Whitley may be allowing it due to the 26th of this month his anniversary date for the original event that took place for him. I'm just guessing.

If the videos are dead over the next few days, we'll then know that Whitley did not allow it to go up on the Internet.

In the interim, at least many will be able to see it. I hadn't seen it in many, many years and had forgot so much.

Well, I forgot just about everything except for the tweeky stuff. That I'll never forget since tweeky is their way.

Anonymous said...

For what its worth, has it for purchase on dvd. Personally I have the VHS copy.
Its sort of a freaky movie. I've never tripped, but I think I would NOT partake before watching the movie.

Atrueoriginall said...

It's been available for purchase for years but not rentals.

Blockbuster had it about 5 years ago but then took it out or was asked to take it out, I don't know which.

So this is the first time it's been available on the Internet to view for free.

Again though, there is a possibility that this set of videos was uploaded to YouTube against their Terms of Service so the possibility remains that it might disappear any day.

That just happened to me yesterday when YouTube canned the YouTuber that uploaded episode 13 of The Sarah Connor Chronicles that had to do with the California Drones.

YouTube is really busy lately canning specific YouTubers and their uploads. I'm a Linkin Park listener and so I have all of their YouTubes in my bookmarks. I went to play one yesterday only to discover that all of them are no good anymore. This had to have just happened so they're busy cleaning house probably.

I'm worried about the movie Contact. I have that too and I'm surprised that I still have it. lol I think that's one they'll eventually yank.

BoyintheMachine said...

Watch it while you can. It could be taken down any time due to copyright infringement.

There's no indicaiton that Strieber authorized it's upload. Strieber may not even have control over the movie, it depends on the deal that was made.

However, please keep in mind that there are other copies of the movie online.

Might I suggest making a playlist and posting it next time?

It beats having to post like 5 or 10 individual clips.

With a playlist all you do is post one clip and when one part ends, the next part immediately begins.