Saturday, November 1, 2008


July 2008: I work at a motel, and I'm the English guy speaking while I film, and the other voices are some German guests at the motel watching the object with me, if anyone is wondering what language they are speaking occasionally :-) Here are three clips of a UFO I filmed in July of 2008 - these are much higher quality than the last clip.

I have no idea what this was. It appeared to be a large upright cylinder of multi-colored flashing light(s). It hovered on occasion and moved slowly, until it disappeared shortly after I took the video. I make no assumptions. I only know that it wasn't anything I could identify as conventional, and the more I thought about it after the fact, the more amazed I was at what I saw and filmed. Decide for yourself, and be blessed. I can only say that it was real.

Starts at about 1 minute mark

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