Wednesday, October 22, 2008


My daughter and I saw this "light" from 7:15PM-8:25PM on 10-14-08.

I didn't want to post this because of all the hype surrounding the possible 10-14 "mothership" coming for a visit... BUT, after seeing other videos of the same type of sighting in Florida, I decided to post.

It "hovered" in the same place, only to "drop" lower and lower every 15 minutes. Eventually it began to move "back" until it turned blue, became much larger in size, and disappeared. My neighbor and I saw the same "light" again at 10:15PM, this time it appeared to be moving much faster, and was only in our sight for less than 2 minutes. It was more amber in color and was much larger and faster than the first time I saw it. Additionally, we saw what appeared to be planes, at least 30 of them, flying in a V formation from approx 10:05PM-10:25PM. These "planes" were coming from the West and would literally disappear after they reached a certain point in the sky. My mother, who lives 3 miles away, saw the same "planes". While I use the word planes, they were NOT like any planes I've seen in the area, no blinking lights and they were flying way too close to each other to be safe. Keep in mind that we do not have any airports near us, and since when do planes just disappear and literally cross over each other during their flight.

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